What is a verification photo?

What is a verification photo?

A “verification photo” is a low-tech — but effective — anti-fraud measure used by Swappa to keep the marketplace safe. A verification photo contains the item being sold along with a unique code provided by Swappa. This photo provides proof that the seller actually has the item being sold.

Here are a few example verification photos:

Verification Photo

Verification Photo

Each verification photo should meet the following criteria:

  • It should display the entire item with the screen on (if applicable)
  • The listing code should be displayed next to the item either written or printed on paper (not digitally added to the photo)
  • The listing code should not obstruct a clear view of the device

The unique code is the “listing code” generated by Swappa after you create a listing. So yes, you will need to create a listing first before snapping your verification photo. Note how each photo shows the device with it’s screen on or at an angle to show the screen condition. Here are some more tips on taking great verification photos.

By showing the item next to the unique listing code, it proves you (the seller) has physical possession of the device being sold. This prevents scammers from creating listings for high-dollar devices they do not actually have, for instance. It also keeps sellers from just providing stock photos or photos taken from someone else’s listing.

Verification photo for NEW items

What about for new items that are sealed in boxes? For new items:

  • The verification photo should display the sealed box next to the listing code
  • An additional photo clearly showing any seals on the box is preferred
  • For new items without seals, a photo showing the box’s contents is preferred (at least partially opened), but screen does not need to be powered on


Sell with Swappa

Swappa’s goal is to make it easy to sell. Verification photos are one extra step we require that most other marketplaces don’t, all in the name of safety. Next step, get started selling with Swappa.


Updated on January 24, 2019 • On Seller Tips