All comments on a listing should be toward the business of buying and selling that listing, so please do not comment on any listing you aren't completely interested in purchasing.

Here are Swappa's general guidelines for appropriate comments on both listing pages and private sale pages:

  • No name calling or personal attacks
  • No time based/limited time offers for listing or accessories
  • No profanity or unprofessional language
  • No political content or discussion
  • No spamming or off-topic discussion
  • No sharing phone numbers or email addresses (listings only)
  • No "price policing" or hassling a seller over their price
  • No links or references to off-sites that do not pertain to solutions between buyers and sellers on private sale pages.

As a potential buyer, making offers on a listing is completely fine! However, if a seller doesn't accept your offer, please continue to browse around for other listings to find one within your price range.

Please remember that Swappa is a place to conduct business; not a discussion forum. Comments that violate Swappa's guidelines may be removed with a warning, and continued abuse of the comment system could result in the commenter's account being permanently disabled. In situations where Swappa's comment policies are repeatedly ignored, staff members may lock comments on a listing to prevent excessive moderation. Please also note that comments that abide by Swappa's guidelines will not be removed by staff.

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