Xbox One X Features That Are Worth the Price

Xbox One X Features That Are Worth the Price

On November 7th of 2017, Microsoft released the Xbox One X just in time for Christmas. The release caused a lot of hype and, as always, a bit of controversy. Although the company claims to have released the most powerful console in the world, the usual crowd of naysayers is chiming in against the price. Fortunately for you, there’s already used Xbox One X’s on the Swappa marketplace, but before you jump at the deals, get to know Microsoft’s latest brainchild with this Xbox One X info.


The Xbox One X Features

As far as appearance is concerned, we didn’t see any major differences in the X. Microsoft stuck to the sleek Xbox design that we’ve come to love and put most of their focus into a total internal makeover. If it really is true that what counts is on the inside, then the Xbox One X counts for a lot.


Native 4K Gaming

The most noteworthy of the Xbox One X features is native 4K gaming. Yeah, you read that right. Microsoft has officially released the world’s first true 4K gaming experience. The latest Xbox is designed to offer larger worlds, faster load times, and an exceptional visual experience. You will not find a clearer picture or more realistic graphics on any other gaming console, which should really rally the true, die-hard gamers. One might say that the Xbox One X has taken a revolutionary step closer to exceeding the gaming experience that only a PC processor can provide.


And the new 4K feature isn’t just exclusive to gamers. The Xbox One X is also loaded with 4K capabilities for Netflix, YouTube, and a 4K Blu-ray player built right into the box for a movie night like no other. As if that wasn’t enough to win over the hearts of the devoted movie-buffs, this console also comes with the IR Blaster, which will enable your Xbox controllers to sync up with your home cinema equipment.


The Scorpio Engine

The Xbox One X is sporting the world’s most powerful gaming processor: The Scorpio Engine. Finally, Microsoft has delivered on the type of power and performance that they promised us years ago, and it does not disappoint. It couldn’t disappoint even if it wanted to, not with 6 Teraflops and a Memory Bandwidth capable of 326GB/s.


Now, you might be imagining the terrible humming and revving of an overworked game console, but with liquid cooling agents and sufficient air flow, the Xbox One X stays cool and quiet.


A Slightly Altered Appearance

Microsoft made a bold statement with the white finish on the Xbox One S, but this time around, they’ve gone dark. The Xbox One X is a sleek black color with the air flow positioned along the back of the console instead of wrapping around the box like on the Xbox One S.


In addition to a color swap, the Xbox One X is also smaller. In fact, it’s Microsoft’s smallest console, but not by much.

Xbox One X:

  • 300 x 240 x 60 mm (11.8 x 9.4 x 2.3 in)
  • 3.8 Kg (8.4 lbs.)


Xbox One S:

  • 295 x 230 x 64 mm (11.6 x 9.0 x 2.5 in)
  • 2.9 kg (6.4 lbs.)

What do you think of Microsoft’s newest brainchild? If you’re ready for an unparalleled gaming experience, sell your old gaming console on Swappa and get a great deal for your Xbox One X!