Why join Swappa B2B Exchange?

Why join Swappa B2B Exchange?

Most people are already familiar with buying or selling on Swappa, and while our traditional marketplace is tailored to individual, user-to-user device sales, we also wanted to be a one-stop-place-to-shop for businesses as well. This why we introduced Swappa B2B Exchange.

Swappa B2B Exchange is an entirely new marketplace for businesses to buy and sell wholesale devices in bulk. B2B Exchange was built entirely from seller feedback, bringing the safety and support you’ve come to expect from Swappa, with the tools businesses need to both stock and manage their inventory.

Swappa B2B Exchange benefits

There are plenty of reasons why businesses should sign up for B2B Exchange. One reason is how easy B2B exchange makes it for businesses to find legitimate sellers and buy large quantities of devices without the chaos or uncertainty found on other services.

With B2B Exchange you can browse stock items and price lists, make offers to verified sellers, or receive offers from legitimate buyers. Our private buyer and seller communications also helps keep everything on site for added organization and safety, while our support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to lend a helping hand.

Swappa’s strict standards for buyer and seller approval means only the highest quality suppliers and dealers are allowed to participate in B2B Exchange. This means all B2B Exchange members are reviewed and verified by Swappa staff, so you know your money is safe.

Other Swappa B2B Exchange benefits include:

Unlike other services that charge unreasonably large percentages for each transaction, Swappa B2B Exchange has a flat $30 a month subscription fee. We’re also constantly adding and upgrading the B2B experience for our users based on your feedback, so there’s more to come in the very near future. Help grow your business by joining Swappa B2B Exchange today.