Why are bad ESN devices allowed to be sold on the Boneyard?

The idea for Boneyard came primarily from legitimate business sellers and re-sellers that wanted to be able to sell all of their devices, even the devices they ended up with that aren’t activation ready or otherwise sellable on Swappa.

In many cases the Swappa sellers are re-selling devices that were activation ready when traded in, then blocklisted afterwards by the original owner to the re-seller’s detriment.

We are not trying to make it easier for thieves to profit, rather trying to help legitimate businesses recover some money after getting burned by dishonest customers.

Besides, thieves don’t typically use sites like Swappa which leave a digital trail of a purchase and provide recourse for bad transactions. Rather, thieves use Craigslist and cash, so they can disappear when the deal is done.

We’ve built Swappa’s reputation on being the safest place to buy and sell by operating our business with the utmost integrity. We don’t plan on letting the more relaxed criteria of Boneyard change that.