Major improvements ahead: Updates to listings on Swappa

Major improvements ahead: Updates to listings on Swappa

Team Swappa never rests. We work around the clock as we strive to be the best marketplace for buying and selling used tech. Our site is continually evolving as we add new features and improve the user experience for everyone, whether you’re buying, selling or just taking a look around.


We are currently rebuilding key parts of our marketplace platform with a focus on improving the catalog and streamlining the listing process. If you have already browsed, bought or sold anything from our newer categories—including watches, laptops, video games and cameras—then you’ve already experienced our updated catalog and marketplace technology.


Mobile listings, including phones and tablets, are the last category to make the move to our new catalog and marketplace platforms. Active listings will be “migrated” starting the night of Saturday, November 3, 2018.


While the listing code and link to your listings have changed, selling on Swappa is still pretty much the same. Active listings will be migrated to the new system which can be found here:


Goals of the new system include:

  • Improved site performance
  • Easier to scale into new categories
  • Clearer, more user friendly listing process
  • Better communication tools
  • Smoother transaction process


If you have any questions along the way, our support team is there to help – just send them an email at [email protected] and they’ll get back to you shortly.