Top 6 Best-Selling Phones & Big Android BBQ

Top 6 Best-Selling Phones & Big Android BBQ

Because 6 is better than 5, and because Android

Check out the six best-selling devices on Swappa in October:

    1. Apple iPhone 6 (Verizon) average sale price: $443
    2. Apple iPhone 6 (Unlocked) average sale price: $410
    3. Apple iPhone 6 (AT&T) average sale price: $424
    4. Apple iPhone 5S (Verizon) average sale price: $264
    5. Apple iPhone 5S (AT&T) average sale price: $247
    6. Nexus 5 (Unlocked) average sale price: $171

We’re really excited to see so many of the newest devices hitting the site already this month. Those Nexus 6P’s and 5X’s are popping up in our feeds annnd we’re all jealous. When you get yours, be sure to list your old phone on Swappa, because people want what you have.

And don’t forget to check us out for the best prices on gently used smartphones and tablets for the kids for Christmas. How is it time for that already?!

Big Android BBQ

Swappa at the Big Android BBQ

A bunch of the Swappa staff converged on Dallas last month for the Big Android BBQ.  This was Swappa’s fifth year at the BBQ. We’ve come a long way from Ben showing up on his own with a bag of t-shirts. We had a Game of Thrones-inspired booth and brought 12 team members!
SwappaPhoneThrone Queen
Derek Ross in the Swappa Phone Throne
We had people listing their devices at the booth and loved seeing everyone’s reaction to the #SwappaPhoneThrone.
More Swappa at the Big Android BBQ
It was so awesome to meet so many new users and visit with some long time friends of the site. We ate great food, had some drinks (okay, a lot of drinks) and set up a mobile support team in room 120. (Be glad you can’t smell an image.)
Swappa Support Team at the Big Android BBQ
We had more fun than we can tell you about (Vegas rules: what happens at the BBQ stays at the BBQ) and are already planning our theme for next year. Will we see you there?