Top 5 Facebook groups for photographers

Top 5 Facebook groups for photographers

Whether you’re an amateur photographer just getting started, or a seasoned pro, Facebook groups and pages are a great way to connect with the photography community. The top Facebook groups have helpful resources for people at just about every level.

While many groups are private and can only be joined if you are a full-time photographer — or by showing you’re serious about taking photos through your Facebook bio — there are many public groups that are open to people at any interest or skill level.

These groups can benefit in photographers in several ways: they help people get feedback on their work, they can act as a resource for what gear to buy, and they promote artists by showcasing their work while helping them find new clients. Ultimately, they serve as a community for like-minded photogs to connect.

Let’s jump into it – here is a list of public Facebook groups for photographers that you won’t want to miss.


Joy of Marketing – For Photographers

  • Followers: 79,279
  • Created about 8 years ago
  • “At Joy of Marketing we teach photographers how to make a living doing what they love with online marketing and selling courses.”
  • Follow Joy of Marketing – For Photographers

Created by photographer Sarah Petty, Joy of Marketing is more than just a Facebook page, but a resource rich site that helps photographers build a thriving business. The Joy of Marketing team includes five photography professionals who work to create content that focuses on smaller photography businesses. For anyone looking to start or build a better brand, this site is arguably the best photographer and marketing resource out there.


SLR Lounge

  • Followers: 205,617
  • Created about 10 years ago
  • “SLR Lounge is a free online resource created by photographers for photographers featuring tutorials on Lightroom, Photoshop, Shooting, Lighting and much more.”
  • Follow SLR Lounge

SLR lounge is a great page for learning how to improve your craft through their tutorials and is a great page to follow to stay up to date with all things photography related. Their site offers workshops with topics like how to build a successful photography business and learning how to use Lightroom. Follow this page to help build your skills and to continue your photography education.


Photography Review

  • Members: 49,774
  • Created about 2 years ago
  • “The aim of this group is to provide you with critique and suggestions by experts.”
  • Join Photography Review

This is a great page for getting feedback on your photos. Anyone can post a photo to the page to get a critique from members and other photographers. The moderators only approve the best images to be shared, so choose your photos carefully!



  • Followers: 365,824
  • Created about 8 years ago
  • “The photographer’s community with daily news, behind-the-scenes videos, gear reviews and more.”
  • Follow FStoppers

This is technically not a Facebook group, but instead is a page for the booming business FStoppers – and a Facebook resource guide for photographers wouldn’t be complete without mentioning them. FStoppers is one of the best go-to sites for all things photography related – from camera reviews to how to market your business, Fstoppers offers a wealth of knowledge. For any photographer who hasn’t heard of them, we highly recommend adding Fstoppers to your daily news update.


Photography – Nature, Wildlife and Landscape

  • Members: 34,713
  • Created about 6 years ago
  • “This group is for anyone that wants to share their Nature, Wildlife or Landscape photography, or just likes looking at beautiful photographs from home and abroad.”
  • Join Photography – Nature, Wildlife and Landscape

Like the description states, this group is for both admirers of nature photography to browse images, and for photographers to post their work. From sunsets to waterfalls, this page is great for outdoor enthusiasts hoping to get some inspiration from other nature photographers. Its format is more relaxed than other pages and its open to newbie photographers, as well as seasoned professionals.


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