The Can’t Miss Video Games of 2018

The Can’t Miss Video Games of 2018

With more video games coming out than ever before, 2018 is sure to be a stunner for gamers everywhere. It seems like every game release gets a ton of hype these days, so it’s hard to know which games will be the best. We can’t know for sure until they actually come out, but here are a few of the most anticipated games releasing in 2018, coming soon to a console near you.

Far Cry 5

The acclaimed open-world playgrounds of previous Far Cry games have found a new home: Montana, USA. This version of Montana is a far cry from the one you see on post cards —in Far Cry 5, the region is in the clutches of a fanatical fundamentalist cult. It’s your mission to take the charming leader of the extremists down while braving the wild. Far Cry 5 was released on March 27 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Critics are already giving the latest Far Cry game overall positive reviews.

God of War

The fifth game in the God of War series, due out for PS4 on April 20, takes the protagonist Kratos to Scandinavia to wage war on the Norse pantheon. This time, there’s a twist. Kratos will do battle with gods and monsters as usual, but his young son Atreus will tag along. The game’s 40-hour story will focus on this father-son dynamic while promising more of what the God of War games are known for: brutal god vs. monster combat.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games, originally made famous for creating the popular Grand Theft Auto series, is making another game set in the Old West. This new game, scheduled for release on Xbox One and PS4 on October 26, is a prequel to the original Red Dead Redemption. You’ll play as the outlaw Arthur Morgan, a member of a deadly gang of bandits. Gamers are excited to return to the open-world Wild West of Red Dead Redemption for more gunslinging, heist-hatching, giddy-up-ing adventures.


Everyone’s favorite web-swinger is getting another video game. Spider-Man, the first console Spiderman game in four years, will release exclusively on the PS4 sometime in 2018. The new Spider-Man is the the hero’s first Spiderman console game not made by Activision. Instead, Insomniac Games developed this title, which was good news to fans of the studio’s critically successful game, Sunset Overdrive. In Spider-Man, you’ll swing on webs through an open-world New York City and fight classic villains in a story original to the game. Spidey fans all over are excited to wall-crawl their way into another thrilling adventure.

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts, the popular Disney/Final Fantasy mashup, is finally getting a third installment this year. And when we say “finally,” we mean it. Kingdom Hearts fans have been waiting 13 years for another sequel. We don’t know much about the next Kingdom Hearts. What we do know is that we’ll see our favorite characters join forces with new ones in worlds from beloved Disney movies like Toy Story and Big Hero 6. Skeptics say that the game may be delayed yet again, but fans are hopeful to get their hands on it by the end of 2018. Whenever it finally comes out, Kingdom Hearts III will be available on Xbox One and PS4.

Far Cry 5, God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man, and Kingdom Hearts III are only a few of the best games releasing in 2018. Strapped for cash? You don’t have to miss these or any other killer 2018 video games when they come out. Save some money and buy your used video games on Swappa.