The 7 Best Overwatch Characters

The 7 Best Overwatch Characters

Who is the best Overwatch character? It’s a popular question and one that simply can’t be answered. This fast-paced fantasy battle game is packed with so many unique heroes that are useful in so many different situations, that it’s impossible to name the best one.

So we’ve narrowed it down to the best 6. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to advance with a new team, use this list of best Overwatch characters to equip yourself for success!

Soldier: 76

Is Soldier: 76 the best Overwatch character? For beginners, absolutely. If you’re just starting out, Soldier: 76 will be your best offensive ally until you become more familiar with the game. What makes him so beginner-friendly is that he’s clearly been created for the FPS player. His weapons operate similarly to that of standard CoD weapons, he can heal himself, and he has an auto-aim ultimate that has proven to be very useful. Not to mention his Heavy Pulse Rifle is a classic for first-person shooter games.


Pharah is another solid pick for anyone who is new to the game. This hardcore chick is rigged with a lethal combination of explosives and rockets. Blast into the sky to escape disadvantageous situations and deal out some serious damage to anyone standing within range of her rockets. She’s also equipped with one hell of an ultimate: a blazing stream of rockets that can take out the entire enemy team if timed correctly.


Being that she is the poster child for Overwatch, it’s no surprise that Tracer is on the list of best Overwatch characters. Speed around the terrain with ease, blink (or teleport) across short distances, travel back in time to avoid fatal attacks, and hurl sticky pulse bombs until your heart’s content. Tracer is a lot of fun, but she’s best used as a scout or to overwhelm enemies who can’t lock onto her quick movements.


Reaper is one of the best Overwatch heroes when it comes to face-to-face battles in tight quarters. Armed with a pair of death-dealing Hellfire shotguns, Reaper is a reliable character that can take down just about anyone — that is, of course, if the right player is at the controls. This character has an especially satisfying ultimate called The Death Blossom, which enables Reaper to unload his shotguns in a firing frenzy on any unfortunate souls standing nearby.


Just kidding.


Finally, a sniper that can earn their keep with multiple functions. Widowmaker is one bad babe and is good for a lot more than camping or quick-scoping. This Overwatch character is fully equipped with a submachine gun that will save her in up-close encounters, a grappling hook to reach the best sniping spots, and a pack of Venom Mines that detonate when an enemy is within range.


If you’ve had any experience playing this game, you probably hate Mei. Chances are, if you’ve ever stumbled upon her in battle, she’s probably ruined your day with an annoying ice wall, a lethal blizzard, and her impenetrable Cryo-Freeze ice crystal that protects her as she restores her full health before unleashing another round of hell on nearby enemies. As infuriating as this Overwatch hero can be, she’s incredibly useful to the player using her — as you’ve seen.

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