Swappa vs eBay Fees: A Tale of Two Marketplaces

Swappa vs eBay Fees: A Tale of Two Marketplaces

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a desk drawer or box full of unused tech. Rather than allow it to gather dust, why not sell it off and get back some of the money you’ve invested? With so many websites and services out there, it’s hard to know exactly where to go when it finally comes time to sell your used stuff.

Services like OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist are a few commonly used marketplaces for selling used goods, but you probably want to avoid the spam, low-ballers, or awkward face-to-face meet ups. At best, these services can be a hassle and at worst, they’re downright unsafe.

When it comes to selling your goods purely online, eBay has grown to become a household name. But just because it’s popular doesn’t automatically make it the best option. I’m here to show you how Swappa can get you the most out of your money and keep more of it where it belongs: your pocket.

Why Sell on Swappa?

Lower fees, no seller fees

There are a handful of reasons why you would want to sell your goods on Swappa with one of the biggest being our much more reasonable seller fees. Unlike marketplaces like eBay — who take a 10% cut from anything you sell on their site — we do things a little different. Swappa’s fee is built right into the price of the listing and paid for by the buyer at time of purchase.

Because eBay takes the same percentage off the final sale price, the more expensive the item is you’re selling, the more eBay takes from the top. This can get extremely costly. For example, a $700 old smartphone would see eBay pocketing $70 from that sale. Meanwhile the same smartphone sold through Swappa would only be met with a reasonable $20 fee, a mere fraction of eBay’s fee. Once again, this is fee is paid for by the buyer at the time of purchase — not the seller.

The best part is there’s no downtime. You can get started selling on Swappa right away. As a first time seller, you don’t have to worry about any sort of “waiting period” and listings aren’t considered sold until you are paid. That means you’ll have payment in your account before you ship. The only thing you have to worry about is shipping the item out (just make sure the shipping price is factored into your sale price).

No junk (listing and approval process)

At Swappa, we don’t allow broken or “junk devices” to be sold in our marketplace. We do this by reviewing and manually approving all of our listings. Everything from requiring verification photos from our sellers, performing ESN checks to ensure devices aren’t carrier blacklisted, as well as providing a seller’s full sales history.

By making sure listings meet our strict criteria for compliance, we’re able to ensure that the listings that appear in our marketplace are legitimate, giving buyers the peace of mind in knowing that their money is protected. With less worrying for both parties, it makes Swappa one a safer places for both buying and selling online.

A human-powered marketplace

Have an issue? At Swappa, we’re human-powered, meaning a real, honest-to-goodness person is never more than a few clicks away. Report an issue and someone will be there to make sure your voice is heard, all while doing our best to resolve the issue in a timely manner. It’s something we pride ourselves in and, quite frankly, something we’re really good at.

Our community-driven marketplace also means you’ll be selling and dealing with real people already enjoying our services. With services like used device protection, accessories, Swappa is your one-stop-place-to-shop (and buy) used tech online. Listen to the thousands of 5-star reviews from our very own community and see for yourself why Swappa is the best choice for selling online.

Our huge product catalog

Looking at our vast product catalog, it’s hard to imagine Swappa first started out as a place to find great deals on used Android devices. We’ve certainly come a long way and have since expanded our product offerings to everything from laptops, gaming hardware, wearables, and even used smart home tech.

So whether you have an old smartphone you’ve been looking to get rid of, a handful of old video games laying around, or maybe even a smart home speaker your ex got you for your birthday, you can always list it right here on Swappa and get some extra spending money.

Now get selling!

Whether you’re selling something an old video game, laptop, or expensive smartphone, you can quickly jump right in and begin selling your stuff to Swappa’s vast community of tech-heads.

It’s one of the ways we like to set ourselves apart from the rest and it makes Swappa the smarter choice when selling your used goods online. So what are you waiting for? Click the link below and start making some money today.