Swappa Price app for Android: What’s your device worth?

Swappa Price app for Android: What’s your device worth?


The Swappa Price app answers the question: what is my device worth?

We’ve found that a huge portion of the smartphone-owning public does not realize their used device has significant value after a year or two of use. The result is that people are willing to part with their old smartphones and accept a wholesale or carrier offer that is drastically lower than the market price when they upgrade.

Consumers have ways to validate “a good deal” for everything else we sell and purchase, so we thought it was time to make this happen for smartphones and tablets.


Real-Time Value:

A current Swappa user can determine what their device is worth with several clicks, but a Swappa Price user gets the latest pricing info every time they open our app along with six months of average sale price data. We’ll also push an updated price notification to app users once a month

Swappa Price is a deceptively simple innovation and experience because it just provides the value for your device and allows you to search for other devices of interest and share. Users can start the buying and selling process within the app, it directs users to a mobile-optimized Swappa page.

Given the thousands of transaction that we see every month for each carrier, we are well positioned to provide an accurate view of device values, and, in turn, provide a transparent experience for buyers and sellers with minimal fees. The result is more value for sellers and a fair price for buyers without a contract extension.