Swappa Monthly Report: June 2014

The Top 5

The top-selling devices for the month of June on Swappa:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S 4 (Verizon) average sell price: $280 (was $293)
  2. Apple iPhone 5S (Verizon) average sell price: $528 (was $542)
  3. Apple iPhone 4S (Verizon) average sell price: $176
  4. Apple iPhone 4 (Verizon) average sell price: $107 (was $111)
  5. Apple iPhone 5S (AT&T) average sell price: $458 (was $482)

Once again #1 for this month was the Samsung Galaxy S 4 (Verizon), which has been at the top spot for several months. The Apple iPhone 4S (Verizon) has joined the top 5 list this month, not to be outdone by the older sibling, Apple iPhone 4 (Verizon). The Nexus 5 (Unlocked) was kicked off the Top 5 due to this. This leaves only one android device on our list. Like we mentioned last month, Overall, Android devices dominate the marketplace, the sales numbers are just much more widely distributed over many different models and choices.

The Swappa Boneyard

We have now launched the Boneyard! The Boneyard is for buying and selling mobile items not eligible for sale in Swappa’s primary marketplace. If it’s related to mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, and wearables) and legal, you can probably buy and sell it on the Boneyard.

You can learn more about the Swappa Boneyard here or see our blog announcement here. We will continue to improve the Boneyard in the coming months.

Swappa Boneyard