Swappa Monthly Report: April 2015

Swappa Monthly Report: April 2015

The Top 5

The top-selling devices for the month of April on Swappa:

  1. Nexus 6 (Unlocked) average sale price: $519
  2. Apple iPhone 5S (Verizon) average sale price: $330
  3. Apple iPhone 6 (Verizon) average sale price: $590
  4. LG Nexus 5 (Unlocked) average sale price: $244
  5. Apple iPhone 5 (Verizon) average sale price: $210

Not only has the Nexus 6 has leaped onto the top 5 selling devices on Swappa, but it’s number 1 for the month of April. While the list still leans toward iPhones it is really nice to see Swappa’s Android users getting back to their roots putting two different Nexus devices onto the top 5 sellers.

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