Swappa Local vs GameStop vs Best Buy: how much cash can you get?

Swappa Local vs GameStop vs Best Buy: how much cash can you get?

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, occasional dabbler, or a parent purchasing them for the kids — you could be sitting on a pile of cash without even knowing it. Video games are a lot like a book. Some you’ll want to permanently add to your collection, while others are a strictly one-and-done kind of affair. Instead of allowing those unused video games collect dust, a better idea would be to sell them and make back some of that money you’ve invested.


Don’t get GameFlop’d or Best Boozled

While there’s no shortage of places to trade-in or sell your used games, few will give you the true value for your old titles and even fewer that pay actual cash. Stores like Best Buy offer only the bare minimum value (we’re talking pennies on the dollar), all in hopes of flipping your game for a profit. Want cash instead of store credit? GameStop will further reduce your trade-in value by 20%, leaving you with a mere fraction of what your used video game is actually worth. Why settle for peanuts when there’s a better way…


Swappa Local is the best way to buy or sell used games

If you want to get the most for your used tech — and this includes video games and consoles — your best option is to cut out the middleman and sell your goods directly to buyers. This is how Swappa operates. We’ve been around since 2010, offering a safer marketplace for those looking to sell used tech online.

Recently we launched Swappa Local in several key markets across the US. Swappa Local is simply a new way for our users to deal directly with buyers/sellers by offering a local pickup option. By allowing face-to-face meetups to handle transactions, sellers are able to avoid shipping fees while keeping more money where it belongs: in their pockets. It’s also a great way for buyers to receive near-instant gratification by taking home an item the moment it’s been purchased.

This is what makes Swappa Local perfect for lower-cost items like video games where shipping costs would eat into profits. With zero fees for used games priced under $50, Swappa Local allows you to pocket the most cash possible for your used games. All it takes is a quick, local meetup at one of our designated swap spots, you’re on your way.




Who gives you the most cash for your used games?

GameStop Best Buy (store credit) Swappa
Madden NFL 20 $20 $21.73 $40
Fire Emblem: Three Houses $20 $20.61 $50
God of War $8 $8 $20
Assassin’s Creed: Origins $8 $4 $20
Mortal Kombat 11 $17.60 $22 $35
Mario Kart 8: Deluxe $24 $22 $41

(Prices show cash and trade-in values vs average selling price on Swappa)

The numbers don’t lie. Swappa gives you the most cash for your used games. There’s absolutely no contest. Remember, GameStop reduces trade-in values for cash payouts, while Best Buy only offers gift cards (store credit). So not only is Swappa Local the best place to sell your games for cash, without a “middle-man markup” getting in the way, listings are general cheaper than what you’d find at most retail locations. It’s a win-win whether you’re looking to buy or sell your used games.


If you’re looking to save or make money on used games in your area, Swappa Local the #1 destination for all things used tech. Whether it’s our top-notch support, actively moderated listings, or verified phones, we make it easy to find the best deals or get the most money from your old tech. The choice is easy. Start buying or selling your used games on Swappa Local by hitting the button below.