Tips for buying a used camera on Swappa Local

Tips for buying a used camera on Swappa Local

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a used camera in person on Swappa Local, or online via our traditional marketplace, it’s important to make sure the camera you’re buying in-person is a quality device and in a condition that meets your standards. That means you, as a buyer, need to know exactly what to look out for.

If you decide to buy a used DSLR or mirrorless camera from a local seller, use this checklist to make sure the device is what you expected before you take it home with you.


✅ Check the lens

Look at the lens closely for any scratches or problems that were not advertised in the listing.

✅ Test your own lens

Pop your own lens on the camera to see how if it’s compatible, especially if you’re just buying the camera body.

✅ Check the device body

Review the body for any defects that were not advertised.

✅ Take pictures

Make sure the camera actually works and there are no artifacts or discoloration that shouldn’t be there.

✅ Check the shutter count

Make sure the shutter count matches what was listed in the description, and that the shutter works.

✅ Look at the LCD screen

Make sure it lights up and it doesn’t have scratches or imperfections.

✅ Test the buttons

Listen to how they sound and check to see if they function properly.

✅ Check the pop-up flash

Make sure it pops up and functions properly.

✅ Test the battery charger

Check the charger to see if it works properly, as well as other accessories the camera may come with.

✅ Check the image sensor

Look for dust on the image sensor to make sure it isn’t there.


Other helpful tips for buying tech in person

✅ Bring the right amount of cash

Make sure you have the right amount of cash so you can pay the seller, after you’ve carefully inspected the camera.

✅ Add a selfie on your profile

People like to see exactly who they’re doing business with and to increase the likelihood of a sale, use a recent photo of yourself and upload to your profile/avatar. This will also help your seller identify you in a public place.

✅ Stay on top of communications

Whether the selling service you’re using has options for texting, emailing, or in-app messaging, make sure you’re frequently checking your communications.

✅ Give yourself plenty of time for the meetup

You don’t want to feel rushed as you inspect the device, and setting the expectation with the seller is important so they know you’ll be reviewing the device before they get paid.



Swappa Local makes shopping for a used camera safe and easy by reviewing the device before it can be listed online. Hit the button below to see the selection of gently used cameras on Swappa Local. If you’re not interested in local meetups, you still have other options. You can also find the best deals on used tech — and have them shipped directly to you — by shopping for cameras in Swappa’s regular, online-only marketplace.