Swappa Local is now available in Los Angeles, California

Swappa Local is now available in Los Angeles, California

[UPDATE] This program has been discontinued and is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Los Angeles is a city best known for its beaches, sunshine, and celebrity status as the place to find the world’s biggest movie stars and music artists. It’s here you’ll also find the industry’s largest film studios and record labels, hosting annual award shows like the Academy Awards, Primetime Emmys, GRAMMYs, or MTV VMAs. If you’re looking to rub elbows with Hollywood elites or strike it big in show business, LA is, without a doubt, the place to be.

While there are lots of distractions attractions fighting for your money — theme parks like Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Six Flags Magic Mountain are only a hop, skip, and a jump away — you’ll find plenty of thrifty LA residents looking for new ways to save money or make a little side cash. Most Angelenos are well-acquainted with online services such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for buying/selling used goods, including the risks (even horror stories) associated with each.

For instance, when shopping for a used phone in LA there are a number of factors that can prevent the device from being activated with your cellular provider. Because Craigslist and Facebook offer little-to no-policing of their respective marketplaces, that crazy good “deal” you found on an iPhone XR could be little more than an overpriced paperweight or even worse, a couple of bars of soap.

This is exactly why we started Swappa back in 2010 and why we’ve spent the better portion of a decade building the safest marketplace for buying and selling used tech online. For our friends living in LA, buying and selling used tech is about to get much easier… and safer. Today we’re thrilled to announce that Swappa Local is now officially available in Los Angeles, California.

With almost 4 million people living in LA, it’s our second biggest local launch and a great opportunity for residents to look for a safe and reliable place to buy or sell used tech. At Swappa, we believe there’s nothing there’s little reason to pay full retail on a new iPhone, MacBook or other piece of consumer tech. Whether you’re looking to save money on a new purchase — or make some extra cash by selling stuff you’re no longer using — the secondhand market is a great way to save and make money.

Before Swappa Local, LA natives were limited to Craigslist or trendy garage sale apps when it came to buying and selling used tech. The problem is scammers and fraudsters flock to these marketplaces in an attempt to sell stolen or blocklisted phones, something that can prevent them from being activated on your wireless network.

Instead of risking your hard-earned money buying a sketchy cell phone deal you fund on Craigslist or Facebook, Swappa Local offers a better, smarter way to handle local exchanges and face-to-face meetups.

What is Swappa Local?

Swappa’s online marketplace has been around since 2010, offering a safer alternative to Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and others. On Swappa, sellers are required to adhere to our strict ‘no junk’ policy which requires all devices to be fully functional and ready for activation. Swappa staff also manually approves each listing before it goes live in our marketplace, as well as performs background checks on used phones to ensure they haven’t been reported lost, stolen, or iCloud-locked.

Swappa Local is built upon this same foundation of safety and support, only now we’re providing our users with next-day pickup and delivery for local transactions. Whether an item is available for shipping or next-day local pickup and delivery, Swappa users can rest easy knowing the devices they’re shopping for is legitimate and our support team is available 365 days a year to answer any questions or concerns along the way. With Swappa Local, you always get the best deals on newish tech without having to pay the full MSRP.

Swappa Local highlights:

  • Next-day local pickup and delivery
  • Get your newly purchased items fast
  • No junk, broken, or blocklisted devices
  • Trusted community of buyers and sellers
  • 24/7 support, 365 days a year
  • Swappa Local allows you to trust the tech you buy

Swappa vs other online marketplaces

Other online marketplaces simply can’t compare to the reliability or peace of mind Swappa Local offers. Even the most popular yard sale apps often times look more like device junkyards, filled with non-functional and/or iCloud-locked devices sold by anonymous (and sometimes even fraudulent) users. These other services do little to verify the legitimacy of their listings, instead opting for a more hands-off approach to their marketplaces.

Unfortunately, this is great news for scammers who have seized the opportunity. Because other marketplaces do little in terms of policing, they have become a breeding ground for fraud. It’s not exactly a great environment for honest buyers looking to spend their money. Swappa Local allows buyers to actually trust the tech they’re buying. This is why Swappa Local is the best — and safest — choice for finding the best tech deals near you, or selling off old items for extra cash.

Whether it’s our photo verification system or background checks we perform on used phones, there are plenty of reasons to buy your next device on Swappa Local. For more on how Swappa Local stacks up against yard sale apps, check out our blog post comparing Swappa vs OfferUp vs Letgo.

Swappa Local is the best place to buy used cell phones in Los Angeles

Swappa’s online-only marketplace was already seeing lots of activity in the LA area. Because of this, we decided it was time to flip the switch and open up Swappa Local to our users already enjoying our services in Los Angeles while welcoming new users looking for the best tech deals near them.

Swappa Local provides users in Southern California with access to a safer marketplace, one that isn’t plagued with scammers or non-functional devices. The Swappa marketplace is actively monitored by our support staff day and night. When we’re not manually verifying listings, our support team is answering questions, resolving issues, and verifying the status of every phone sold in our marketplace.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap iPhone in Hollywood, a Samsung Galaxy in Burbank, an Apple Watch in Westlake, a MacBook Pro in Koreatown, a DSLR camera in Arlington Heights, home tech in Santa Monica, or video games in Maywood — you’ll find the lowest prices when you shop for them on Swappa Local.

Swappa Local is also perfect for college students in need of some extra cash. Schools like the University of Southern California (USC), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Cal State LA, and California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Swappa Local makes it easy for college students to find great deals on used MacBooks online or used MacBooks in Los Angeles and other discounted tech for school, all priced significantly lower than retail.


With Swappa Local, you can finally trust the tech you buy while simultaneously saving time, and money, and getting more for your used tech. It’s a win for both buyers and sellers. So stop wasting time and start selling or shopping for the best tech deals in LA by hitting the button below.

Find cell phone repair in Los Angeles

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There’s a good chance that if you’re shopping around for a new or used cell phone, it’s because your current one is cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. And while Swappa Local is a great way to find deals on cheap phones in your area, you may find it more worthwhile to simply repair your existing phone. No matter which route you decide to go — Swappa has you covered.

We’ve put together a collection of the best phone repair shops in Los Angeles, whether you’re dealing with a cracked iPhone screen, water damage, or a bad battery, the Swappa Repair Network provides you with easy access to trained professionals standing by to fix your phone. The Swappa Repair Network lets you can shop, compare, and quickly find cell phone repair services in Los Angeles, all of which offer a minimum 30-day warranty, so you can rest assured that your phone will be good as new.

Whether it’s buying a gently used phone in our marketplace, shopping for the best deals on new phones or phone plans, or repairing your current phone to like-new condition, Swappa’s goal remains the same: doing everything we can to help save you time and money. For more on phone repair services in Los Angeles, check out the revamped Swappa Repair Network finder by clicking the button below.