Swappa Local now available in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Swappa Local now available in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

If you’re looking to buy and sell used tech and you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we have some exciting news for you. Instead of looking for a cheap iPhone on Craigslist, there’s now a better way to find used tech that is reliable, and trusted. We’re thrilled to announce that with Swappa Local, you can now buy and sell used tech from a trusted marketplace, in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.


The Dallas-Forth Worth area is one of the first places to offer Swappa Local, as many Swappa buyers and sellers live in the Texas metroplex. As the third most populous city in the state of Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth is home to over 800 thousand people, and is an area that continues to grow. Known for things like the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Market Center and the Dallas Arboretum,  there’s no shortage of things to do in Dallas and its and surrounding suburbs.

Dallas-Fort Worth also has a variety of options for college, including schools like University of Texas at Dallas, Texas A&M University and Southern Methodist University. For students looking for deals on used tech like MacBooks or tablets, Swappa Local is a great option for finding tech you can trust.

What is Swappa Local?

Swappa Local provides residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with the ability to safely buy or sell used tech in their local community. By avoiding shipping charges and making devices available for easy pickup, Swappa Local is changing the way people think of traditional face-to-face marketplaces.

Since 2010, Swappa has been offering a safer alternative to marketplaces like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. This has to do with our strict ‘no junk’ policy that requires all devices be fully functional and ready for activation. Our staff manually approves each and every listing before it goes live in our marketplace, and we perform background checks on used phones to ensure they haven’t been reported lost/stolen.

Swappa Local is built upon this very same foundation of safety and support. Whether an item is available for shipping or pickup, Swappa users in the Twin Cities can rest easy knowing the devices they’re browsing are clean and our support staff is always available, 24/7/365,  to answer any questions or concerns. With Swappa Local you always get the lowest prices on newish devices — like used iPhones in Dallas-Fort Worth — priced significantly lower than their retail counterparts.

This is in stark contrast to marketplaces like OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace which offer little-to-no moderation, do nothing to verify listings, and more closely resemble device junkyards with iCloud-locked or broken devices commonly being sold by anonymous users. While other services have become a breeding ground for fraud and scammers, Swappa Local allows you to trust the tech you buy and is hands down a better way to buy or sell used tech in your area — and we aim to keep it that way. Read more about the announcement of Swappa Local

Swappa Local highlights:

  • No shipping charges
  • Get your devices FAST
  • No junk devices
  • Trusted community of buyers and sellers
  • 24/7 support, 365 days a year
  • Trust the tech you buy

Whether it’s our photo verification system, or background checks on used phones, there are plenty of reasons to check out Swappa Local. For more on how Swappa Local compares against the other guys, check out our post here.

Swappa has a little something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a cheap iPhone in Dallas, a Samsung Galaxy phone in Fort Worth or an Apple Watch in Irving, — you’ll find the lowest prices when buying them gently used on Swappa. Swappa Local also makes it easy for college students to find deals on used MacBooks in Dallas-Fort Worth along with iPads and more, all priced significantly lower than retail.

To all of our friends in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, both old and new, you get to be the first to try Swappa Local in your area. Get started buying or selling with other local users in your area by hitting the button below.


Best phone repair shops in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX

Broken iPhone X screen on top of MacBook Pro 13-inch

There’s a good chance that if you’re shopping around for a new or used cell phone, it’s because your current one is cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged. While Swappa Local is a great way to find deals on cheap phones in your area, you may find it more worthwhile to simply repair your existing phone. No matter which option you decide to go with — Swappa has you covered.

With the newly revamped Swappa Repair Network, we’ve put together a collection of the best phone repair shops near Dallas / Fort Worth, TX. Should you find yourself with a cracked iPhone screen, water damage, or a bad battery, the Swappa Repair Network provides you with easy access to trained professionals standing by to repair your phone, tablet, or laptop. This allows you to shop, compare, and quickly find phone repair services around the Dallas / Fort Worth area, all of which offer a minimum 30-day warranty, so you can rest assured that your device will be good as new.

Whether it’s buying a gently used phone in our marketplace, shopping for the best deals on new phones or phone plans, or repairing your current phone to like-new condition, Swappa’s goal remains the same: do everything in our power to help save you time and money. For more on phone repair services in Dallas / Fort Worth, check out the revamped Swappa Repair Network finder by hitting the button below.