Swappa Deals: Best mobile deals for the week – March 26, 2020

Swappa Deals: Best mobile deals for the week – March 26, 2020

We recently introduced Swappa Deals, and while we encourage you to check out the main Swappa Deals page — we are going to be using our blog to highlight a few of the best deals each week. This post will serve as the first in our “Best Mobile Deals for the Week” series, and the deals you find below are all hand-picked by Swappa staff.

This first deals of the week post is dropping today (Thursday, March 26, 2020), and will serve as a sort of follow-up to the introduction of Swappa Deals as a whole. Moving forward, you can expect to find a new entry in the “Best Mobile Deals for the Week” series every Tuesday here on the Swappa Blog.

Best Mobile Deals for the Week: March 26, 2020

This week you’ll find a mix of iPhone and Android deals, and all five deals highlight different phones and different carriers. The phones range from an Apple iPhone 7 to the Samsung Galaxy S10e, to the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure. The carriers being highlighted for this weeks deals include Visible, AT&T, Total Wireless, Cricket Wireless, and Boost Mobile.

Anyway, without any further ado, here are the five deals we’ve chosen to highlight this week.

Apple iPhone 7 for $188 from Visible

This deal is pretty straightforward — you get a low priced brand new iPhone 7 when you switch to Visible. The iPhone 7 is the 32GB model, and the $188 price is available when you port your existing telephone number to Visible and prepay for two months of service.

Essentially, you get a new iPhone and two months of Visible service with unlimited data, messages, and minutes. This means $188 for the phone, and $80 for the first two months of service, for a total of $268 (plus tax).



Samsung Galaxy S10e for $1 per month from AT&T

The Samsung Galaxy S10e being offered on this deal is the model with 128GB of storage space, and Prism Black in color. The Galaxy S10e typically retails for $599.99, or at $20 per month (for 30 months) with AT&T.

This deal is offering the phone at $1 per month (for 30 months). Essentially, this means you would end up paying $30 for the phone. The catch is that you cannot just pay $30. This offer requires you to pay this over 30 months, and the discount is offered via bill credits. Additional details include needing to activate a new line on a qualifying unlimited plan.



Apple iPhone 8 for $349.99 from Total Wireless

Taking this deal will score you a brand new Apple iPhone 8 with 64GB of storage from Total Wireless. The iPhone 8 will cost $349.99, which means saving $100 (as compared to the retail price with Apple).

This deal is pretty simple — grab the phone, and activate your wireless service with Total Wireless. The carrier has several options available for plans with prices starting as low as $23.70 per month.



Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure for free from Cricket Wireless

The Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure typically retails for $119.99, and grabbing this deal means getting the phone for free. In order to get the phone for free, you need to port your current phone number to Cricket Wireless and sign up for the $30 per month plan. This plan includes unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of high-speed data.

The Galaxy J2 Pure has a 5-inch display, 16GB of internal storage, a microSD card, 5MP front-facing camera, an 8MP rear-facing camera, and a 2600 mAh battery.



Apple iPhone Xr for $499.99 from Boost Mobile

Another simple offer — get a new iPhone Xr and save $100. The iPhone Xr typically retails for $599 if you shop with Apple, and by accepting this deal with Boost — your iPhone Xr would be $499.99.

Once you purchase and receive your phone, you would then get it activated with Boost Mobile. The carrier offers plans from $35 per month. The $35 per month plan includes unlimited talk and text, with 3GB of 4G LTE data. Boost also has a $50 per month plan that includes unlimited talk and text, as well as unlimited data.




Look for a new round of deals to be posted on the blog every Tuesday. You can also check out the main Swappa Deals page for the complete list of available deals at any time. On the Deals page, you will find options to browse by the Latest Deals, deals that are Expiring Soon, and by the wireless carrier. There is also a section dedicated to finding the best iPhone deals.