Introducing Swappa Deals

Introducing Swappa Deals

Swappa was founded in 2010 and serves as a user-to-user marketplace for technology. Users are able to buy and sell everything from phones and tablets to smartwatches, laptops, video games, cameras, and home tech. The Swappa marketplace brings a focus of safety and simplicity and does so using a human factor that is not found in other marketplaces.

The human factor you find on Swappa is on the user side, as well as on the staff side. On the user side, users are able to buy and sell directly with other users. And, on the staff side, you have our moderation and support teams. The Swappa moderation team reviews listings to help protect users, and our support team is available 24/7/365 if you have a question or an issue should arise.

When Swappa first launched it was an online user-to-user marketplace, and while the Swappa marketplace remains strong — we have been adding new options to the site. For example, in June 2017, we launched Swappa Local. The Local option keeps the same user-to-user experience in terms of buying and selling — but allows the buyer and seller to meetup locally for quick delivery.

Along with safety and simplicity, another part of the overall Swappa experience is being able to find a good deal on your next purchase. Swappa takes pride in being able to help buyers save money. Buying a newish device on Swappa brings the potential of saving hundreds as compared to retail. Buying on Swappa also means sellers are able to find a good home for their unused devices, and that means technology stays in use longer.

On the topic of helping users find a good deal — Swappa is introducing Swappa Deals.

What is Swappa Deals?

Swappa Deals keeps with our goal of helping buyers save money. More specifically, Swappa Deals will help you save money on a new phone purchase. Swappa Deals will allow buyers to find the best phone deals, and also find the best phone deals through a no-contract wireless carrier.

How Swappa Deals differs from the Swappa Marketplace

Unlike the Swappa marketplace, which has mostly (gently) used devices, Swappa Deals highlights deals on new devices and pairs them with wireless services. Buying a device through the regular Swappa marketplace is a user-to-user experience, whereas, Swappa Deals means shopping (in many cases) through a wireless carrier.

What kind of deals will I find with Swappa Deals?

With Swappa Deals you’ll find savings on new phones paired with wireless services. If you are looking to replace your current phone, and also plan to switch to a new carrier — this brings a real potential for saving money. Not only will you be saving on the new phone through Deals, but as we’ve recently covered here on the Swappa Blog, you can also save money on your wireless service by choosing an MVNO carrier.

Swappa Deals will allow you to find some of the best iPhone deals right now, and you can browse for deals by device type, or by carrier.

If you already know the phone you are looking for, you can look at the Phone Deals section. And, if you are looking to get a phone for a specific carrier, you can look at the Carrier Deals section — both of which are linked on the main Swappa Deals page. Looking at our list of top-selling used phones from February 2020, the Apple iPhone 8 topped that list. The average selling price in the marketplace was $262, which is a great price for a newish iPhone 8. But we also understand that not everyone wants to buy used and that some users simply want a brand new device.

Apple iPhone deals

Keeping with the Apple iPhone 8 example — a current deal from Boost Mobile is offering $100 off a new iPhone 8. This means a brand new iPhone 8 for just $349.99. For comparison, this same phone currently retails for $449.99 with Apple.

Android smartphone deals

Of course, you’ll be able to find more than just new iPhone deals — Swappa Deals is also able to save you some money on Android devices. For example, Visible is currently offering a Pixel 3a for $208 (when you switch to Visible, port in your current number, and pay for two months of service). For comparison, the Pixel 3a currently sells for $399 with Google.

Swappa Deals is here to help those who prefer to buy a new phone, and also want to save some money. As you browse through, you’ll find some deals are long term, and some deals are available for a limited time. In fact, you will be able to see exactly when the deal ends by reviewing the “Deals End” section of the individual deal pages. You can also find all the deals that are getting ready to expire by browsing in the Expiring Deals section. You can begin browsing for your new phone deal by clicking on the green button below.