Reasons to Upgrade to 64GB

Reasons to Upgrade to 64GB

How 64GB can change your life

Sometimes less is more, but when it comes to storage on your smartphone, sometimes more is, well, more. If you’re a light smartphone user who rarely downloads apps or music then you’ve probably found your phone nirvana with a 16GB device. However, many people buy smartphones for their ability to have the entertainment and information they want at their fingertips. More storage means your music, photos and videos are there when you want it.

If you dreamed of using your smartphone to make “downtime” more productive but find that your storage limits are holding you back then you could be missing out. There are no shortage of apps that can help you discover new ideas and develop new skills out there.  

Here are 3 things your could do with a 64GB phone that could change your life for the better:

  • Get motivated

With more storage to play with you have the space to download productivity apps that do more than give you another checklist.  Maybe all you need is a little encouragement. Apps like Cheerleader, a free app available in the iTunes store sends you “mini pick me-ups” through the day.  Or you can try an app like Focus Zen with audio engineered to help you focus.  A little extra storage can help you find your center.

  • Become a better photographer

The camera on phones have come a long way.  If you dream of taking artistic photos or maybe just capturing precious memories the camera on your phone can take high quality photos allowing you to focus on developing your eye instead of figuring out the right shutter speed.  Upgrading to 64GB won’t change the quality of the camera but it does allow you to store more photos so that you can take multiple pictures of the same subject to get that shot just right.

  • Catch up on your reading

Walking the dog, standing in line, and riding the train can now become your time to get lost in a new book.  Apps like Audible allow you to download audiobooks to your device to listen at your convenience.  Most audiobooks are less than 1MB which means you can download a sizeable library to your phone to have with you whenever you’re on the go.

If you’ve followed our tips on getting the most from your 16GB iPhone and are still making too many concessions to actually use your phone the way you imagined, it may be time to upgrade to 64GB. Swappa offers the iPhone 6 with 64GB of storage as well as the Galaxy S6 direct from the Swappa Store.