Phone Screen Repair Tips

Phone Screen Repair Tips

Phone screen repair: frequently asked questions (FAQs)

At this very moment, more than 30% of smartphone users in the United States are living with a cracked screen. Considering 90% of people drop their phones at least once a month, this isn’t all that surprising. Amazingly, though, 43% of people with cracked screens will never bother with phone screen repair.

Here at Swappa, we can’t stomach the thought of nearly 100 million people walking the streets with busted glass. As a result, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions we see on the issue of phone screen repair. If you’re one of “those people” living with a cracked screen, consider this a public service announcement for how fast, easy, and profitable it can be to bring your phone back to life.

I cracked my screen, but it still works fine. Do I really need to repair it?

Yes. Delaying phone screen repair makes your phone more susceptible to additional damage, including damaging the actual LCD screen and making it easier for water to get in. It’s almost always less expensive to repair as soon as you see a problem.

In addition, apparently a cracked screen can be a real turn-off. According to a recent study by CNN Tech, the vast majority of women agree that cracked phone screens are gross, with 86% of female respondents say they’re negatively judging men for not fixing their phones.

How much does phone screen repair cost?

It depends on your device and the extent of the damage. To see how much it costs to repair your phone — and what it’s worth repaired — use the Swappa Phone Repair Calculator.

Can I repair a cracked screen myself?

You might be able to, but you shouldn’t. While there are plenty of DIY kits and how-to videos that make phone screen repair seem pretty straightforward, in the end, self-repair doesn’t really save you time or money.

In fact, depending on your device, the repair kit can actually cost more than phone screen repair with a capable phone repair shop. Just as important, when you trust your phone screen repair with a professional, you make sure your phone retains its full resale value.

Can I use toothpaste to fix a cracked screen?

Short answer: no. The Internet claims that buffing toothpaste — or baking soda, car wax, or vegetable oil — into a minor scratch or crack can provide temporary aesthetic improvement, but it will not ultimately fix the problem. And while your phone might smell minty fresh for a few days, the crack will eventually reemerge and can lead to more costly repairs.

I need my phone back NOW! What’s the fastest way to get my phone screen repaired?

We know you can’t bear the thought of being without your phone for a few days, but fortunately, most professional repair shops can handle phone screen repair in just a matter of hours.

Is it even worth repairing a cracked screen? I’m probably just going to get a new phone.

Even if you’re thinking about getting a new phone, you should consider having your broken phone screen repaired. Your phone has resale value, and you’ll probably be surprised by how much it’s really worth when repaired.

For instance, at the date this article was written, a broken iPhone 7 can have it’s screen repaired for less than $200 and then still be worth over $500 on average on the Swappa marketplace.

Find out how much it costs to repair your phone and what it’s worth repaired. Use the Swappa Phone Repair Calculator.