New Look for Sale Pages

New Look for Sale Pages

Easily buying and selling mobile devices is really important to us here at Swappa. That’s why we’re pleased to unveil the new Swappa sales page.

Sure, the new sales page has a cleaner layout but the redesign is more than just a pretty face. We added features to make information easier to find and understand.

Here are the changes to look for:


We’ve added the Swappa timeline to make it much easier to see the status of a sale at a glance and what your next step is in the buy/sell process.


Any action you need to take on your listing is now consistently highlighted at the top of the page so you never have to search for what to do next.


Contextual help

We’ve added contextual help for each step in the process. Here, you’ll find the information most relevant to the current status of the sale.


Comments on each sale page are now ordered with the most recent at the top. Say buh-bye to scrolling down through all the comments to get to the most current one.

We hope you enjoy the redesigned sale page on the website.  We’re always looking for feedback. Feel free to tell us what you think on our Facebook page.