Never, ever buy an iPhone with cash

Never, ever buy an iPhone with cash

When buying a used mobile device, we want you to act in your own best self interest so consider this a public service announcement. Never, ever buy an iPhone, or any other smartphone with cash. Too many times, we’ve heard of people losing their hard earned scratch because they were hoodwinked on sites like Craigslist. With more places to buy used phones like LetGo and Facebook Marketplace the threat of being scammed jumps exponentially.

Paying with cash is never a good idea

The iPhone is one of the most popular used mobile devices sold on Swappa, so it’s no surprise that you’ll see a lot of these devices also listed on sites like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Sites like LetGo and Facebook Marketplace may tempt you with a false sense of security that buying from someone locally means you won’t get scammed. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t true.

Sure, it may sound like a great idea to meet up with a relative “neighbor” and hand over a few hundred bucks to buy a used phone, but it ain’t. Even if you check the phone’s IMEI on Swappa’s ESN check to ensure it’s not stolen, there’s still potential for trouble. If an unscrupulous seller reports the phone stolen after the transaction in order to get a free replacement, there is nothing you can do to get your cash back and no trail to prove that you actually purchased the phone legitimately.

Don’t buy from a “Seconds Marketplace”

Searching through post after post on a seconds market like LetGo to find the exact model iPhone with the desired specs you’re looking for can be a time sink. If you find a device that fits your needs you still have to go back and forth with the seller to negotiate a price and set up a meeting time and place. If you’re lucky enough to settle on a great price and a convenient meeting time and place there’s still the chance the seller won’t show. Your time is valuable, and we know that.

At Swappa, we know the frustration of trying to buy used mobile devices on sites like Craigslist and Ebay all too well. Swappa exists because there were too many bad experiences and we wanted to make it safer and easier to buy and sell your mobile device.

Buying a used phone iPhone the better way

Save your time, money and sanity by using Swappa. Easily sort through the thousands of listings, reviewed and approved by humans, to find the device you want. Swappa’s moderation team checks each and every device that is listed on the site and only approves those listings we know can be sold legitimately. Our support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions.

Pay for your device with the security of PayPal and enjoy a better way to buy. Swappa uses the protection of PayPal because of the extensive protection it gives our buyers and sellers. You get what you pay for or you get a refund. It’s just that simple.

Buying from Swappa and buying from one of the sites mentioned above are vastly different experiences on opposite ends of the safety and convenience spectrum. That’s just the way we like it.

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