Mod Squad: Kat

Mod Squad: Kat

Kat, Swappa Moderator

Swappa is nothing without its moderators. And we’re pretty stoked to welcome a relatively new one. Meet Kat. [Hey Kat!] She helps out with new listings and listing comments. So, she’s pretty important in the whole selling your phone process.

Kat works from home for Swappa

How’d you get your gig at Swappa? 


The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water, signifying by divine providence that I, Kat, was to moderate for Swappa. Just kidding, I read that Swappa was hiring and I applied. I’ve been a fan of the site for years and I couldn’t be happier to be part of the team. 

Note from Swappa: So mere mortals, if you’re not magic or chosen you still have a chance of joining the team. Maybe…

Coffee Kat

Everyone at Swappa works remotely. Any tips for working from home well? 


I’m new to working from home but it’s very important for me to have a dedicated work space. Also, coffee. 

Kat and Mike from Swappa

What’s your go-to soundtrack for work? Bonus points if you share a playlist.


I absolutely love music. I’ve taken dishwashing jobs just because they allowed me to wear headphones while I worked. I start the day early so my work playlist is pretty chill. One of my favorite bands is The Mountain Goats so I usually just play one of their channels on Google Music like this one


What else do you do? (Hobbies, weird obsessions, shows or music you love, etc.)


My husband and I attended culinary school, so I enjoy cooking with him when I’m not working. I also enjoy spending time with our dogs, cats and the occasional human. I also really like craft beer, sours are my current favorite.

My obsession would have to be Halloween, or Katoween as it has been dubbed by friends. I throw a costume mandatory party and it gets a bit more insane every year. I spend at least one month decorating my whole house inside and out. I love anything vintage horror and even have Frankenstein and his bride tattooed on my feet.


Kats feet tattoos

So, that’s a little bit about Kat. Give her some love in the form of lots of listings, quality comments and general all-around good behavior on Swappa. Deal?

Editor’s note: It took a lot to not include some lame chef and/or Halloween puns related to customer service and cookin’ things up. Feel free to take a sec to think of a few of your own. It’s pretty fun…