Intro To Taking Great Verification Photos


Verification Photo ExampleFirst we need to understand the purpose and the goals of verification photos. Verification photos and “additional verification” photos serve two purposes. First is to show off the device to prospective buyers. The second purpose is to help staff verify the quality of the device and by extension the credibility of the seller.

So lets have a look at what is already written about good verification photos and see some examples.

There are a few key attributes that should stand out. The device is fully visible, good focus, bright even lighting, and listing codes written in large clear lettering.

The device fully visible is a pretty easy thing to achieve. Move the camera back until the entire device is visible. Also ensure the listing code does not obscure the device. The most common way to keep a listing code from obscuring the device is to write the code on the same sheet of paper that you set the device on to take the picture.

Good focus is probably the trickiest thing to achieve. This is dependent partially on the lighting in the room and of the device as well as your distance from the device. Most phones and cameras have dynamic focus capabilities that will let you simply tap on what you want to focus on. Often you will have to fiddle a bit to get auto focus to focus properly on your device so take some time and several attempts to get it right.

Proper lighting will help get your device approved by Swappa staff because it will be easier to ascertain the quality of the device. It will also aid in getting proper focus. Ultimately this will also get your device sold faster because prospective buyers will benefit from easily being able to ascertain the quality of your device as well.

Finally the listing code should be in large clear text. As mentioned earlier the easiest way to do this is to write the code on the same sheet of paper that you set the phone on. A large black marker is best but any other type of thick marker will work well. If you don’t happen to have a large marker a dark black or blue pen is the next best thing. Write large and clear so it can be easily read.

These are just a few tips that will help lead to your listing getting quick approval and  also selling quickly. As always thank you so much for your interest in Swappa!