Don’t get GameFlop’d

Don’t get GameFlop’d

Ever heard of GameFlop? They pay you $4 for your used game and then resell it for $40. It’s almost like they don’t like gamers…

Obviously GameFlop isn’t a real company. But GameStop is, and they use a lot of the same practices.

To see a real-life #gameflop in action, look no further than GameStop. The below screenshots were taken from their website on March 17, 2018.

Madden 18 on GameStop

Madden 18 on GameStop

Summary: GameStop will buy Madden 18 for PS4 from you for $14, then sell the exact same copy to another gamer for $49.99. They pocket the $35 difference, and we think that’s a ripoff.

At Swappa, we know your games are worth something. And we know you get the most value buying and selling direct with other gamers.

Here’s a sample of some of the listings for Madden 18 for PS4 right now (March 17, 2018) on Swappa:

Madden 18 on Swappa

That means you can buy the game for cheaper on Swappa ($40 vs $49) AND you can sell the game for more on Swappa ($40 vs $14). Avoid the #gameflop and go with Swappa for used games.

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Updated on March 27, 2018 • On Gaming