Cameras are now available on Swappa

Cameras are now available on Swappa

When Swappa launched back in 2010, we started out as an easy place to buy and sell used Android devices. A lot has changed since then. The Swappa marketplace is now home to thousands of gently used products spanning from iPhones, to smart home tech, and even video game consoles — but we’re only getting started.


Lights, camera, action! ?

Today we’re excited to announce the soft launch of our used camera store. It’s here you’ll find gently used DSLR and mirrorless camera bodies — as well as used camera lenses and action cameras like the GoPro — all from the top brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony and more.

As camera enthusiasts ourselves, we wanted to offer a place for other like-minded individuals to safely sell their used gear without the fear of getting ripped off online or dealing with sketchy (and potentially dangerous) face-to-face meetups.

As always, purchases are covered by PayPal’s rock solid buyer protection and listings still require manual approval by one of our staff before going live in the marketplace. Simply put: you always get exactly what you paid for or your money back. Shopping on Swappa is fast, easy, and most importantly — it’s safe.


Why sell your old camera on Swappa?

Safety, simplicity, reasonably low fees, and the “human factor” are exactly what makes Swappa different from other online marketplaces. Because you buyers deal directly with sellers, you’re always sure to find the lowest prices on product listings.

This also means if you’re looking to sell your used camera gear, our fees — which are paid by the buyer — are only a fraction of eBay’s 10% cut. For instance, a $1,000 camera lens sold on eBay would see them taking $100 from the top, while that same lens sold on Swappa sees a much smaller $35 fee, again, paid for by the buyer. The difference is clear.

Whether you’re looking for a great deal on a used Canon, Nikon or Sony camera, camera lenses, or even a GoPro, hit the link below to start shopping.