Apple Store Repair Alternatives

Apple Store Repair Alternatives

Fast, local repair alternatives to the Apple Store

First of all, we love the Apple Store — the shiny new devices, the helpful “Blue Shirts,” the free WiFi. Unfortunately, everyone else seems to love the Apple Store, too, which has made it increasingly difficult to get in and out when you need to quickly repair your iPhone.

Why the Apple Store isn’t always your best repair option

Despite the fact that there are nearly 86 million iPhone users in the United States, there are only 270 Apple Store retail locations nationwide. As a result, to get your phone repaired at the Apple Store, you can’t just walk in.

To diagnose and address your problem at the Apple Store, you need a Repair Reservation with the Genius Bar. However, the increased demand for Apple devices and related repairs means you’ll likely need to wait several days (or more) just to get a reservation, and may even have to wait when you arrive at the Apple Store. Just as challenging, depending on your location, the Apple Store can be more than 50 miles or more from your home or work.

Skip the Apple Store, find fast local repair

Fortunately, the Apple Store is not your only iPhone repair option. Understanding you can’t wait days to fix a broken phone, we developed the Swappa Repair Network to provide you with fast, easy access to thousands of qualified local repair shops.

The Swappa Repair Network includes highly capable repair specialists equipped to handle your phone repair needs quickly and efficiently. In addition, most of our phone repair shops are able to address your issue within the same day.

Find a Phone Repair Shop Near You.

Is it even worth repairing my broken iPhone?

Most likely, yes. Even if you’re thinking about getting a new iPhone, you should consider having your broken phone screen repaired. Most iPhones have great resale value, and you’ll probably be surprised by how much it’s really worth when repaired.

Find out how much it costs to repair your phone and what it’s worth repaired.
Use the Swappa Phone Repair Calculator.

Updated on October 2, 2017 • On Apple