Apple Store Appointment Tips

Apple Store Appointment Tips

Apple Store Appointment Tips

When your iPhone breaks, it can feel like the end of the world. For many people, heading to the Apple Store seems like a logical first step. However, Apple Store appointments are increasingly difficult to snag, and for many people, not all that convenient.

To help you get your phone fixed fast and easy, we’re providing several things to consider when booking an Apple Store appointment, as well as options for using reliable local repair professionals to get your phone working like new again.

How to make an Apple Store appointment

First of all, you can no longer just walk into the Apple Store and expect to get your issue resolved in person. You need a Genius Bar Reservation first. (Alternatively, you have the option to mail your device in for repair, but this process takes at least 5-9 business days.)

To reserve your Apple Store appointment, you can visit the Apple website and navigate through a series of support prompts, including identifying the device that needs repair, the general issue, the specific issue, and your options for repair. While the Apple Store appointment process is designed to be as helpful as possible, it can be somewhat time consuming just to get to the point of selecting a date and time to bring your device in for repair.

Unfortunately, depending on your location, even after making your reservation, you still might have to wait several days (and sometimes as many as five or six days) to arrive for your actual Apple Store appointment. In addition, with such high demand and in-store traffic, you’ll likely end up waiting once you arrive at the Apple Store.

How to find fast, local iPhone repair

If you are fortunate enough to grab a timely Apple Store appointment for repair, consider yourself lucky. However, if you can’t bear the thought of waiting days to repair your broken phone, fear not; you have plenty of local repair options who can get the job done right and fast.

To find qualified phone repair options near you, search the Swappa Repair Network. This national network features thousands of local repair shops, including capable Apple repair specialists fully equipped to expertly handle your phone repair needs. In addition, most of these repair professionals are able to address your repair issue within the same day.


Is it even worth repairing my broken iPhone?

Most likely, yes. Even if you’re thinking about getting a new iPhone, you should consider having your broken phone screen repaired. Most iPhones have great resale value, and you’ll probably be surprised by how much it’s really worth when repaired.

How much will your phone repair cost? Use the Swappa Phone Repair Calculator to get your personalized phone repair cost estimate and find out whether it’s cheaper to repair or replace your existing device.