6 Scariest Games to Play on the PS4

6 Scariest Games to Play on the PS4

The PS4 is one of the most popular consoles of all time. Its high-quality hardware and its fantastic use of Cloud features (remote play, cross save, etc.) have far outpaced many other gaming systems. But perhaps one of the best advantages of the PS4 is the huge numbers of games. New games are coming to the PS4 on a regular basis, and if you’re looking for a new game to play, there is a wide variety of options in the horror genre. Now that you can get great deals on PS4 games, it can be Halloween all year long. Here are the six scariest games on the PS4.

Until Dawn

When a group of teenagers must survive in the Canadian wilderness, the harsh terrain is the least of their problems. This game is particularly interesting because the split-second decisions you have to make have huge influences on the rest of the game. This means that the grisly outcome of the game is different every time, and every decision you make is under more tension.


This freaky, surreal indie game is a triumphant follow-up to Limbo. As you try to navigate a haunted facility, you can control other people’s bodies to unlock an alternate ending in this haunting, original puzzler.

Alien: Isolation

Finally, there’s a deserving game based on one of the best horror movies in history. As expected, the game takes place on a broken spaceship where you try to survive. The aliens are terrifyingly good hunters who can smell you, and weapons are only temporarily effective.It will take every skill you’ve got to avoid dying a hideous death–completely alone.

The Evil Within 2

This psychological horror game was designed to disturb. Like the first game, it’s a third-person survival set about a man who escapes from a mental hospital and is desperately trying to find out what happened to his wife and daughter. Although there’s still plenty of gore and violence, it’s the manipulation, the confusion, and the effort to decide if life is worth living that will leave you haunted long after the game is over.

Among the Sleep

One of the things that makes this such a scary game is that the main character is an innocent toddler. The entire game is the encapsulation of the fear you felt as a child when you heard something go bump in the night. As you play, you’ll have to bring along your beloved teddy bear as you try to figure out which adults you can trust and which ones you can’t, reminding you of how terrifying it is to be a toddler again.

The Last of Us: Remastered

The original game was scary enough, but now that it’s been remastered with some of the most beautiful graphics of any game in history, you can revel in its detailed, morbid glory. This third-person survival/action/horror game is an instant classic for everyone in the most terrifying post-apocalyptic setting yet to hit the PS4.

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