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+1 rating by Kat K. on Aug 22, 2019:

So far everything looks good!

(0) rating by Michael D. on Aug 22, 2019:

Seller, please be sure to confirm the address from the buyer before you ship out the product. I luckily lived close enough to my old address to be able to retrieve it, but it could've resulted in a mess if somebody stole the package or the current homeowners disposed of the package. Thanks.

+1 rating by Kedar M. on Aug 21, 2019:

Wonderful service thank you

+1 rating by Julie T. on Aug 16, 2019:

Fast shipping. Phone seems good.

+1 rating by Emani C. on Aug 16, 2019:

Phone is in excellent condition. Definitely this is my go to spot for tech.

+1 rating by Lisa W. on Aug 15, 2019:

Quick shipping! Thx!

(0) rating by Brandon V. on Aug 12, 2019:

Item came as expected. Took 3 extra days for delivery

+1 rating by P-2019 on Aug 04, 2019:

Good experience - Expedited shipping - Product in great condition as described in Ad - Thus far product operating fine. Thanks!

+1 rating by Temi r. on Aug 01, 2019:

Thank you! It’s perfect!

+1 rating by Justin on Aug 01, 2019:

Fast shipping, packaged well. Exactly as described. Would buy again.

+1 rating by Dylan T. on Jul 31, 2019:

Fast Shipping good price and works great

+1 rating by innsxtc on Jul 26, 2019:

Excellent experience. Great seller. Product in great condition and arrived quickly. Really appreciate it!!

+1 rating by Karen R. on Jul 20, 2019:

The phone arrived a day early--was surprised to find it here already when I arrived home from work. The case and screen were in absolute pristine condition--wonderful! Took it to Verizon yesterday to get it activated and transferred--so I am just now beginning to get familiar with it (previously owned Iphone 6). Thus far, I am more than pleased with the entire transaction!

+1 rating by Gracious A. on Jul 19, 2019:

Handled return will

+1 rating by Hector C. on Jul 08, 2019:

Great seller thanks a lot!!!

+1 rating by Muktha R. on Jul 06, 2019:

Phone is great condition, fash shipping thanks

+1 rating by Sharon B. on Jul 03, 2019:

Phone was received in 2 days as promised! The condition of the phone was as described. Very happy!

+1 rating by Skoo G. on Jul 03, 2019:

Quick & sufficient

+1 rating by ifirstaidkits on Jun 28, 2019:

Thanks for a great phone at a great price!

+1 rating by Milan C. on Jun 22, 2019:

Great service, phone arrived as promised, in condition promissed.

+1 rating by Scott C. on Jun 21, 2019:

as expected

+1 rating by Chintua A. on Jun 21, 2019:

Thank you for your business. We received the iPhone 8 Plus 2 days ago.
We appreciate ya.

+1 rating by Shray P. on Jun 14, 2019:

Received the wrong carrier unlocked phone - seller was very communicative & easy to process a return for the phone.

+1 rating by Jimmy on Jun 13, 2019:

: - )

+1 rating by Phi N. on Jun 13, 2019:

very good

+1 rating by Phi N. on Jun 13, 2019:

very good

+1 rating by Craig M. on Jun 12, 2019:

As expected.

+1 rating by Ryan C. on Jun 12, 2019:

Excellent! Very responsive seller!

+1 rating by Ricardo X. on Jun 12, 2019:

Thank you, product came as expected!

+1 rating by Sharlene N. on Jun 06, 2019:

My daughter loves the phone. The only issue we have is the charging cable that was sent does not charge the phone

+1 rating by Justin C. on Jun 05, 2019:

Fast shipping and phone was in great shape

+1 rating by kim G. on Jun 05, 2019:

Fast shipping and excellent phone

+1 rating by Dangelo R. on Jun 05, 2019:

it was fast get place to buy from

+1 rating by Neil @ on May 25, 2019:


(0) rating by Saida M. on May 21, 2019:

Any SIM card I enter in the phone it reads it as a Verizon Wireless one and no phone calls can be made. I thought phone was supposed to be unlocked?

+1 rating by yendrel r. on May 21, 2019:

Very good service, just the quality of the wire was so poor

+1 rating by Joaquin S. on May 17, 2019:

phone was in good condition but was lagging and delayed while typing

+1 rating by Tasheen D. on May 17, 2019:


(0) rating by Ethan S. on May 16, 2019:

Trustful service just the phone I ordered has a broken microphone so when I call people I can’t hear them and they can’t hear me , to much hassle to return

+1 rating by Noah S. on May 15, 2019:

Quick shipment. Nice phone. Thanks

+1 rating by Neville W. on May 11, 2019:

phone came exactly as it was shown, plus quick responsive customer service

(0) rating by Sinebaba on May 06, 2019:


+1 rating by Paige O. on May 02, 2019:

I love that the phone was sent through Fedex 2-day air, it is just so much more reliable than USPS. Phone was shipped very fast, came in the condition that was described, and was able to be easily activated with no issues. I will remember this seller if I ever need to purchase another phone. Trusted seller! Thank you :)

+1 rating by Sabri M. on May 01, 2019:

Ass described

+1 rating by kevin b. on Apr 27, 2019:


+1 rating by Rich K. on Apr 25, 2019:

Phone delivered as described. Would buy from seller again.

+1 rating by Brian B. on Apr 24, 2019:

Came in good condition as expected, a good buy for the price

+1 rating by Deal TEK World on Apr 22, 2019:

The phone came as described, but aftermarket cable that was included was faulty

+1 rating by will t. on Apr 21, 2019:

Splendid phone, seamless transaction. Thanks!

+1 rating by Dee J. on Apr 20, 2019:

Product arrived swiftly and as described.