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+1 rating by Michael Z. on Aug 09, 2020:

There were delays to delivery due to covid, but the customer service was very good.

(0) rating by Shanice A. on Aug 08, 2020:

Ok sale

+1 rating by Invidia S. on Aug 07, 2020:

Item better than described. Packaging was done with much care. Shipping was prompt. Very happy with this purchase and would definitely do business again.

+1 rating by eric o. on Aug 07, 2020:

thank you for timely shipping.

-1 rating by Shaina G. on Aug 05, 2020:

I bought a "mint condition" phone. The phone looks brand new, but the vibration doesn't work. Important feature when you can't have your ringer turned up for most of the day.

+1 rating by Hanni C. on Aug 05, 2020:

My 1st phone was lost in the mail but the seller had no problem sending me a another. Thanks!

+1 rating by Mason M. on Aug 04, 2020:


+1 rating by L.J. J. on Aug 01, 2020:


+1 rating by Abby H. on Jul 31, 2020:

Second purchase from you guys and my mom was so thrilled! Thank you so much for being so reliable and trustworthy:)

+1 rating by Derrick P. on Jul 30, 2020:


+1 rating by Abby H. on Jul 29, 2020:

Thank you so much. We love this phone and it was so easy buying from you that I've ordered my mom a phone as well. :)

+1 rating by Robert M. on Jul 28, 2020:

Phone is great. But there was a tempered glass screen protector that was in the case as well. Completely the wrong size for the phone.

+1 rating by Waco T. on Jul 26, 2020:


-1 rating by Amanda B. on Jul 25, 2020:

Product took a long time to get here, it was not tested. Charging port did not work. Got a wireless charging station and the battery only charged to 60% and did not hold the charge for more than 2 hours. A huge inconvenience. This could have all been avoided had this dealer simply tested his product. Which should be par for the course.

+1 rating by John F. on Jul 24, 2020:


+1 rating by Matrix Wizard on Jul 23, 2020:

Excellent like new phone, quick shipping, phone IR blaster not usable but apparently common with this model per XDA developers forum. Top notch seller.

+1 rating by Brandon on Jul 23, 2020:


+1 rating by Daniel W. on Jul 20, 2020:

I had a great experience with this seller. Everything went smoothly and the shipping was fast. No complaints here! I would purchase from this seller again.

+1 rating by Alex F. on Jul 17, 2020:

Exactly as described. Thank you.

+1 rating by Rob D. on Jul 17, 2020:

Arrived very quickly, exactly as described.

+1 rating by Seth P. on Jul 12, 2020:

Sorry for the late completion! Everything is good!

+1 rating by Benjamin S. on Jul 11, 2020:

Thank you!

+1 rating by Justin G. on Jul 10, 2020:

Works perfectly and showed up in perfect condition! Thanks so much!

-1 rating by Shane Y. on Jul 09, 2020:

Unfortunately the phone proved to have graphics issues, with the screen going wonky most times after using it for a little while. I didn't have much time to test it over the days after receiving it, and thought it might be a software issues, so beyond the return date. And I guess sometimes these things happen, so just consider this review a reminder you may get a less than reliable phone anytime you buy an old used phone. I'm 0 for 2 on this website with two different sellers, and very disappointed it again comes outside the window where I can do anything about it :-( Make sure you wait to buy until you have time available to do good testing.
The Ratings don't suggest the seller is a bad apple, just sometimes things don't turn out well :-( Can't say it's particularly on them, let all the ratings speak, but regardless, the truth is sale did turn out to be a disappointment for me.

+1 rating by Paul A. on Jul 08, 2020:

Fast shipper

+1 rating by Byron H. on Jul 08, 2020:

Fast Shipping, as described. Thanks

+1 rating by John S. on Jul 07, 2020:

Perfect! Thanks!

+1 rating by Fabien L. on Jul 06, 2020:

Easy and Quick

+1 rating by Alethea T. on Jul 05, 2020:

Everything was a described. No problems with phone.

+1 rating by John Z. on Jul 02, 2020:

Phone was in great condition and was shipped promptly.

+1 rating by Alejandro C. on Jun 30, 2020:


+1 rating by Andrew D. on Jun 30, 2020:

Shipped same day as order. Received phone in great condition soon after

+1 rating by Chris W. on Jun 29, 2020:


+1 rating by David D. on Jun 29, 2020:

Very fast shipping. Phone exactly as described

+1 rating by Megan B. on Jun 29, 2020:


+1 rating by Roger N. on Jun 26, 2020:

Phone was in great condition and worked right away. Thank you so much!

+1 rating by Joseph D. on Jun 26, 2020:

Minor issues, but quickly resolved.

+1 rating by Melissa P. on Jun 26, 2020:

Received quickly. Phone in great condition

+1 rating by James P. on Jun 25, 2020:


+1 rating by George M. on Jun 25, 2020:

Very prompt shipping, phone was exactly as described. Thank you.

+1 rating by Kohei Y. on Jun 24, 2020:

Great phone , as advertised

+1 rating by Dorie J. on Jun 24, 2020:

As described, phone really is mint condition. Good deal, fast shipping. Thank you!

+1 rating by Smart Mobile on Jun 24, 2020:

As described!

-1 rating by Jerry S. on Jun 23, 2020:

I bought a Samsung Galaxy 7 from Cell4Less but there are a number of huge problems so I had to return it. First, the phone was not wiped clean before I got it. There were a number of games on it and some of them said I accessed them and shared information from my Facebook page. The phone randomly heats up so much I need to remove it from my pocket. The phone went from being 100% charged to 15% in 90 minutes. The last straw was that a post was made on my FB page that was not me. This was a horrible experience. The phone was listed as "mint" condition but it is far from it. I returned it and they said the money would be returned through my Paypal account since that is how I paid. They have not done so. I don't know how a company could sell a phone like that and now I am having difficulty getting my money back.

+1 rating by Jason C. on Jun 23, 2020:

Great phone, great seller and no problems

+1 rating by Dave B. on Jun 23, 2020:

Thank you

+1 rating by Craig N. on Jun 18, 2020:

Fast shipping, phones great!

+1 rating by Ambreia M. on Jun 17, 2020:

Item was just as described in description. Thank you.

+1 rating by devon c. on Jun 17, 2020:

Great Customer Service!!! Thank You.

+1 rating by ifeoma o. on Jun 16, 2020:

Awesome Seller!

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