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+1 rating by Jessica L. on Aug 08, 2020:

Front camera connection must have come loose in shipping, but it was a 1-minute fix and the phone is working perfectly. Seller was willing to take the item back, which is awesome, but it wasn't necessary. Very happy with the purchase.

+1 rating by chris p. on Aug 03, 2020:

Just what I needed.

+1 rating by Mark S. on Aug 01, 2020:

Phone was in great condition. Much appreciated!

+1 rating by Suzy P. on Jul 29, 2020:

Thank you so much! Just as described and working well!

+1 rating by Kyouki S. on Jul 28, 2020:

Good and fast.

+1 rating by Jenalee R. on Jul 22, 2020:

Phone is as stated, good quality, and ready for use.

+1 rating by richard c. on Jul 14, 2020:


+1 rating by Jon S. on Jul 11, 2020:

Seller shipped the item right away, and I received it quickly. I've been using the phone since I received it, and it's working great. It looks like the battery isn't really 90+% good as the phone discharges quicker than I'd expect, but no complaints by me (I ended up buying a case for the phone that has a built-in battery plus supports Qi charging, so the battery problem is solved).

Overall, I am VERY satisfied with the purchase and would not hesitate to buy another product from this seller. :-)

+1 rating by jacques b. on Jul 08, 2020:

Item is in very good condition. Some minor dents on corner edges - with accent on minor. Phone operates well and battery condition is great. Will do business again.

+1 rating by David M. on Jun 29, 2020:


+1 rating by Kevin Z. on Jun 17, 2020:

Excellent seller! Fast shipping.

+1 rating by chris p. on Jun 02, 2020:

Just what I needed!

+1 rating by Julie B. on Jun 02, 2020:

Phone has been awesome!

+1 rating by Dan M. on May 30, 2020:

Very nice phone...great condition...great price and shipping....very satisfied with my purchase....Thank You !!

(0) rating by Erika S. on May 27, 2020:

The ad for the phone clearly stated quick next day shipping, but the seller did not send it out until 2.5 days later. The package got rerouted by the carrier, and quite delayed, which was not the seller or swappa's fault, but I thought at least an apology was in order. Nothing. The phone could have been better packaged. One end was not protected.

+1 rating by Oscar C. on May 23, 2020:

Great Seller

(0) rating by Kenny S. on May 20, 2020:

Cannot use phone as iCloud is still tied to previous owner.

+1 rating by Param H. on May 09, 2020:

Great condition as promised. Fast shipping. Thanks.

+1 rating by Le'ene S. on May 05, 2020:

Thank you

+1 rating by Eric J. on Apr 30, 2020:

Thank you my kid loves it

+1 rating by Brian T. on Apr 27, 2020:

Thank you for an easy transaction!

+1 rating by Noah K. on Apr 20, 2020:

fast shipping, clean device. My grandma loves it!

+1 rating by Joe M. on Apr 17, 2020:

Top notch.

+1 rating by Derek S. on Apr 11, 2020:

Great phone. Exactly as described. Swift and sensible shipping.

+1 rating by Jonathan T. on Apr 10, 2020:


+1 rating by David W. on Apr 05, 2020:

Phone works great

+1 rating by Mike C. on Mar 30, 2020:

Considering what's going on in NYC right now, being able to get this awesome phone (in excellent condition and very reasonably priced) in a timely fashion was a great help when I really needed it. This seller is 4 stars in my book!!

+1 rating by Ninja S. on Mar 23, 2020:

Phone was received as advertised and in great shape. No complaints here. Happy person.

+1 rating by Miguel R. on Mar 20, 2020:

Phone works great! Packaging could of been better. A generic box offers more protection instead of just a bubble mailer.

+1 rating by Marina V. on Mar 16, 2020:

Came as shown in picture

+1 rating by robert c. on Mar 13, 2020:

Good seller quick fast and quality

-1 rating by Jessica H. on Mar 07, 2020:

The phone has an issue. When on text message page if I click the back arrow, doesnt go back. Also, the battery seems to die as fast as my old phone. Please contact me. Wondering if this was noted in the original sale?

+1 rating by Zachary T. on Feb 28, 2020:

Seller arrived on time for our local pick-up meet. iPhone 6s was in immaculate condition; practically out of the box. Would definitely shop with him again.

+1 rating by Brett M. on Feb 25, 2020:

Worked great.

+1 rating by Maher H. on Feb 07, 2020:

Fast delivery, product delivered as advertised

+1 rating by Gregg L. on Feb 03, 2020:

It was delivered as expected. Thanks!

+1 rating by Justin on Jan 30, 2020:

My phone arrived quickly and as described! Thanks!

+1 rating by Me N. on Jan 27, 2020:

punctual and item as described

+1 rating by Katie M. on Jan 25, 2020:

Excellent sale! Fast shipping. My apologies for the very late marking complete of the sale.

+1 rating by Katie M. on Jan 25, 2020:

Excellent sale! Fast shipping. My apologies for the very late marking complete of the sale.

+1 rating by Gisselle P. on Jan 23, 2020:


+1 rating by Bryan W. on Jan 19, 2020:

Came on time. Seems to be working fine and updated as I expected. Thank you.

+1 rating by bum c. on Jan 17, 2020:

happy customer

-1 rating by Jim P. on Jan 16, 2020:

Phone was still active on previous account making unusable and return shipping was not refunded in accordance with Swappa policies.

+1 rating by shaun b. on Jan 15, 2020:

Great seller! Item as described!

+1 rating by Kim B. on Dec 31, 2019:

Prompt, as described, would buy from again!

+1 rating by Aaron B. on Dec 30, 2019:


+1 rating by Brady L. on Dec 30, 2019:

Item was unlocked as described. Works on my network. Thank you!

+1 rating by Nicole D. on Dec 30, 2019:

Phone arrived as advertised. In better physical condition than I expected. The only downside is the battery doesn't stay charged for long, so I think it will need replacing.

+1 rating by KCPR-MT on Dec 17, 2019:

Received as described. Thank You!

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