Why did Swappa request additional verification for my listing?

Did you get here because you clicked on the verification link in an email from Swappa moderators? If so, you’re not logged into the same Swappa account you used to create your listing. Log back into the account you created the listing from and reclick the link in our email to access the private additional verification upload form.

During Swappa’s listing review process, our moderation team sometimes requests “additional verification” in the form of an extra photo(s). This is an occasional step used to further verify certain details of a listing, including the product's IMEI/serial number, condition category, etc. Don’t forget to include your listing code written on a piece of paper next to your item.

  • New Products: Photo of the sticker on the box showing the IMEI/serial number information
  • Apple Products: Photo showing the device’s “About” screen that displays the IMEI for cellular devices or serial number for Wi-Fi devices
  • Smartphones or Other Cellular Products: Photo showing the IMEI on the device’s screen
  • Other Products (with a screen): Photo showing the serial number on the device’s screen
  • Other Products (without a screen): Photo showing the serial number printed on the device

Review our FAQ page if you need assistance locating your IMEI or serial number.

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