When listing products here on Swappa, usually an ESN or serial number is required in the listing creation process. For cellular devices like smartphones, this is most commonly the IMEI tied to the device. For devices that only support Wi-Fi connections like many Apple devices, we generally request the serial number.

Reviewing a device's IMEI or serial number can be a crucial part of our listing review process, so it's important to ensure this is provided accurately when creating a listing. Be sure to provide the IMEI or serial number tied to the exact device you're listing, not what's tied any other devices. For devices with dual or digital SIM options, such as the newer iPhones, the primary IMEI should be provided when listing the device, not the secondary or digital (eSIM) IMEI.

Since locating the IMEI or serial number can differ from device to device, feel free to review our other FAQ page here on where to locate this information for many common devices.

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