Please refer to our updated FAQ page here for the latest info regarding this topic.

PayPal has information on what verification is, along with how to verify your account on their support page here.

The "PayPal Verified" icon shows up automatically based on a results of an automated API / service call we do to PayPal.

If you'd like to test the status of your account verification, you can do so by using the tool found on your profile page here.

Please note that the call to PayPal uses uses your PayPal email address and first / last name of your Swappa account to determine the status of the PayPal account. The first and last name are required by PayPal, and the call to check will fail if the name sent by Swappa doesn't match the name on the PayPal account exactly.

Is your PayPal account Verified? Does the name on your PayPal account and the name on your Swappa account match? If not, that is likely why the PayPal verified icon is not showing up on your listing preview.

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