Here on Swappa, we offer a free ESN check service that can be used to check the status of a device to help ensure it's ready to be activated if purchased. While we can't offer any guarantees on the results of our check, we certainly strive to ensure that it provides accurate results from all of our sources.

Feel free to give it a try by clicking here!

Please note that the primary purpose of our check is to report whether a device is whitelisted (clean and ready for activation according to the GSMA global registry) or blacklisted (reported as lost or stolen on the global registry).

For additional information regarding any financial obligations or the activation status of a device, please reach out directly to the carrier from which the device was purchased. You should always contact the original carrier if you do not know the history of a device prior to listing it for sale on Swappa. This will help ensure it meets all of our criteria.

Our ESN check terms and disclaimer can be found here.

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