We do not allow our sellers to publicly post ESN information because it can unfortunately promote fraud.

For instance, when this information is shared, dishonest individuals can take ESN information from our users and attempt to create fraudulent listings. Sadly, we've seen this happen before, and it creates headaches for Swappa and the honest seller who shared their ESN. Some ESN information can also be stolen to "spoof" (steal) service on some networks and can be used in clone devices.

All sellers are required to verify that the ESN of the device is clean and ready for activation prior to posting for it sale on Swappa. We also check the ESN during our listing verification / approval process. If you were to buy a device on Swappa that could not be activated due to a blacklisted ESN, you would be entitled to a refund no matter the seller's stated return policy.

Thus, asking for an ESN from an honest seller is unnecessary because they should have already verified it was clean before listing it on our service. Luckily, thanks to our extensive checks and verification, ESN problems are rarely an issue with devices sold on Swappa.

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