While issues with sales are rare on Swappa thanks to the listing review process, Swappa's support team simply can't catch every potential issue. If there's a problem with a product you received here on Swappa, please follow these steps to work on getting it resolved:

  • Comment on the sale page tied to your purchase - This will allow you to communicate directly with the seller and report any issues in detail
  • Allow the seller some time to respond - Swappa generally recommends allowing up to 24 hours for a seller to reply, and business sellers should be allowed a full business day to follow up
  • Contact our support team if a seller doesn't address a problem - If you don't hear back from a seller within the above timeframe, please leave another comment on the sale page while requesting Swappa's help or use the help form while attaching a link to the sale page to let Swappa staff know

Here are some other helpful tips when dealing with a problem sale to help keep things moving in the right direction:

  • Clearly communicate with the seller and provide requested documentation of problems if requested when possible
  • Provide photos of any condition issues or damaged products using the picture upload form on the sale page
  • Inform the seller if you wish to proceed with a return for a refund if a product is not in the expected state
  • Remain calm and keep the comments professional to prevent a problem sale from escalating too quickly
  • Comment on the sale page and check the box for Swappa's help if a team member can be of assistance with any questions

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