PayPal policy requires the seller ship to the address attached to the PayPal payment to be eligible for seller protections, so Swappa can only recommend the seller ship to that address.

PayPal does not allow the address to be changed (or confirmed) after a payment is sent, so if the address you provided at the time of payment is incorrect (or not confirmed), you will have to re-submit payment to the seller to make changes.

Here are our instructions on how to update a shipping address by refunding / resubmitting a payment:

  • The seller should refund the first transaction to the buyer through PayPal and notify the buyer on the sale page once this is complete.
  • The buyer should alert Swappa staff once the first payment is properly refunded.
  • Swappa staff can then provide instructions for the buyer to resubmit their payment.
  • The seller should confirm once the new payment is received.

Unfortunately, this is the process required by PayPal for a shipping address to be updated. Please note that if these instructions are followed, the updated shipping address will not be shown on our sale page (even if the new payment contains the updated address).

Please note that we advise that our sellers require a PayPal confirmed shipping address for increased protections.

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