Due to PayPal's policies, sellers are required to ship to the exact address tied to the PayPal payment they receive from a buyer to ensure they're covered by PayPal's protections. Thus, if a buyer wishes to change the shipping address for a purchase, a refund and payment resubmission is required.

Here is a list of the steps that should take place:

  • The buyer should leave a comment on the sale page requesting a change of address while also checking the "Swappa I need Help!" box for our assistance
  • Our support team will follow up with a comment containing a full list of instructions
  • The seller should then refund the buyer using these instructions
  • The buyer should then use our instructions and link(s) to resubmit their payment while ensuring that they select the proper shipping address in PayPal when resubmitting
  • The seller should follow up and share the address tied to the buyer's new PayPal payment in a comment on the sale page, allowing the buyer to confirm the address is correct

Please note that the updated shipping address may not show up on the sale page even after this process completes, so the address affirmation step should be skipped on the buyer's end if this occurs (assuming that the seller confirms that the proper address is tied to the resubmitted payment).

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