A trusted seller is a Swappa user who has been identified by the support team as being especially trustworthy and professional in handling their listings and sales.

Trusted sellers have a special badge shown beside their name and listings to help them stand out, and they're also permitted to use a single code (tied to their profile) in place of individual listing codes in order to prepare photos for multiple listings all at once.

Swappa consider trusted sellers to be the best of the bunch here on Swappa. Whether they've sold 50 listings or 500 listings, we expect them to focus on the quality of their products, not just the quantity. When users see the trusted seller badge, they should feel confident in purchasing from a seller who's been properly vetted by Swappa's support team. They should know purchasing from a trusted seller increases the likelihood of a smooth transaction, and that our staff should also rarely have to intervene with a trusted seller's transactions. Even when an issue arises, we expect these sellers to promptly handle situations for their buyers.

Swappa expects the following from trusted sellers, and a trusted seller who does not regularly uphold these expectations will have their badge removed:

  • Always communicates clearly with respect and courtesy, no matter how difficult the situation
  • Responds promptly (generally within a few hours) to questions from buyers and staff
  • Maintains professional communication throughout every transaction
  • Has an extremely low percentage of problem sales
  • Adheres closely to our criteria and policies
  • Creates listings with detailed descriptions and quality photos, along with always selecting the proper condition category
  • Communicates proactively with Swappa staff (e.g., before going on vacation, this would be relayed to Swappa's support team to ensure we're aware)

Swappa generally requires that a seller have 50+ positive feedbacks, along with 6+ months of account history, before Swappa will consider them as a trusted sellers. Please reach out to staff members if your account meets these requirements using the help form, and Swappa will be happy to review your account in more detail!

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