Marketplace 2.0 is the public "codename" for Swappa's new system for listing products here on Swappa! This updated system originally launched alongside Swappa Gaming as a way to test it out, and Swappa recently migrated the entire marketplace to Marketplace 2.0.

This migration comers with a number of improvements and adjustments that are important to note for users familiar with Swappa's old system:

  • When creating a listing, the fields have been simplified, so details regarding shipping details, return policies, included items, and anything else should be placed in the description
  • Swappa's condition guidelines have been adjusted to be product specific, and different products have slightly different condition details
  • Listings in new condition now also require the products to be factory sealed (unless not sealed by the manufacturer)
  • Comments are disabled on listing pages until a listing is approved for purchase, and Swappa's moderators no longer leave a "Listing approved!" comment since the seller is notified via email
  • Links in your profile for listings, sales, purchases, and subscriptions have changed
  • Express shipping has been added as an option for an additional price if desired
  • Listings and comments can be flagged for review by our moderation team
  • Certain listings that meet very specific criteria may sometimes be automatically approved

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