Swappa views buyer's remorse as when a device is requested to be returned or sale canceled through no fault of the seller. The item received is advertised as shown and stated in the original listing.

Some examples of buyer's remorse would be:

  • The buyer no longer wants the device
  • The device is no longer needed due to finding a previously lost device, previous device is functional, or receiving a device from another source
  • The device was an impulse purchase and has found a better or local deal
  • The device is being returned because the buyer doesn’t like the color, screen, device, or storage size chosen
  • The device does not work on the buyer’s cellular carrier network due to incompatibility of the LTE radio in the device working with the cellular bands the carrier uses (i.e. choosing an international unlocked device to try and work on a US carrier and vice versa).
  • The device cannot update to the latest apps and operating system due to the manufacturer of the device no longer support the device

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