While Swappa does allow jailbroken or rooted phones and tablets to be sold, along with phones or tablets running a ROM (modified version of the operating system), other devices with software modifications cannot be sold unless they are first fully restored to a factory state. This extends to all other devices in our marketplace such as laptops, game consoles, etc.

For any phone or tablet listings that are sold in this state, the seller is required to note any modifications in thorough detail in their listing's description. Please note that most devices are also void of any manufacturer warranties when rooted, jailbroken, or modified by flashing a custom ROM.

As a buyer, if you're not familiar with what these different terms mean, please be sure to hold off on purchasing any listings that mention these topics. Only buyers who are familiar with these kinds of modifications and are aware of how to restore a device back to its factory state after receiving it should purchase these kinds of listings, as you'd be expected to do so before reporting any potential issues with a device.

We also recommend that any devices running a beta operating system be restored back to the stable version of the OS before listing it, but be sure to back up your data before doing so! Here are some helpful manufacturer pages for a few common device types to assist with this:

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