In the interest of preventing fraudulent activity, sellers are not permitted to share the ESN (generally the IMEI) of the devices they've listed on Swappa. This is considered to be private information until a device is purchased, so we don't allow comments requesting this before a listing is purchased.

Thanks to our listing review process, we take steps to review the IMEIs tied to each standard listing on Swappa and run it through a number of checks to help ensure a smooth sale, and the seller is also expected to confirm the activation and financial status of each device they sell before listing it per our strict criteria.

While direct IMEIs can't be shared, we do allow for buyers to ask sellers if they're willing to check an IMEI with a carrier they'd like to use by supplying a link to the carrier's BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) page. We've outlined some basic instructions on how this can be done here.

We also don't heavily moderate sharing of serial numbers for Wi-Fi devices, such as MacBooks and most Apple Watches. While we generally don't recommend sharing this info until a listing is purchased, we also won't remove a photo from a listing if this information happens to be displayed.

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