On Swappa, we don't charge sellers any fees on our end to sell their products, as selling on Swappa is completely free. Buyers cover a small fee that's added on top of a seller's price, also known as their "ask price", and this is only paid at the time a listing is purchased.

We collect our sale fee for producing our service of hosting and reviewing listings, while also assisting with sale facilitation. Our sale fee is a service fee, and it is generally refundable if a sale fails due to the fault of the seller or Swappa. However, it can only be refunded if PayPal allows us to and is subject to any refund limitations they set in place. Sale fee refunds cannot be issued outside of PayPal's specified refund window.

While Swappa doesn’t directly charge any seller fees, PayPal does charge a fee for sellers when a buyer submits a payment. PayPal's fees are referenced when a seller sets the price of their listing, along with when you sign up for a PayPal account. Up-to-date information about their fees can be found by clicking here, and it's crucial to keep these in mind when setting your price as a seller.

For payments processed using PayPal for Marketplaces, our sale fee is labeled as the "partner fee" or "partner commission" on PayPal's end for sellers. This amount also includes any applicable taxes. Please note that this was still paid by the buyer and sent over to Swappa as our sale fee; it's also automatically refunded from our end in the event that a seller has to issue a refund.

If a buyer with an international PayPal account purchases a listing, we expect them to cover any additional costs a seller may incur in PayPal due to their non-US PayPal account. Sellers can request this additional amount in a comment on the private sale page.

For Swappa Local listings, our sale fee payment is submitted at the point of checkout, and you will then be provided with further information on how to meetup with the seller and handle their cash payment in person.

More information on Swappa fees can be found on our Market Fees page here.

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