When clicking the buy button on a listing here on Swappa, you may notice that you're presented with a few different options for listing add-ons. These add-ons are optional purchases that you can select before proceeding to PayPal and vary depending on the type of product you're purchasing.

These are most commonly accessories (directly fulfilled and shipped by Swappa), protection plans, and express shipping. Some accessories may also be available for purchase after buying a listing. For qualifying devices, protection plans can also now be purchased for up to 48 hours after buying a listing, and a banner for this add-on is shown on sale pages when applicable.

For any questions about these add-ons, along with requests to cancel accessory orders or protection plans, please reach out to us using our help form. Just be sure to attach a link to the listing or sale page tied to the question (if applicable), so we can promptly escalate any questions or requests over the proper team!

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