Do devices sold on Swappa come with manufacturer warranties?

Here on Swappa, we offer protection plans through our partner WarrantyLife that can be added to a many smartphone and MacBook purchases when checking out. Please take a look at our protection plans pages for both smartphones and MacBooks to learn more!

Due to the complications that some manufacturers put in place for transferring warranties from one owner to another, factory and OEM warranties can never be assumed to be included with a device purchase here on Swappa. However, if a seller does clearly advertise that the manufacturer warranty is included, we expect the seller to assist with any transfer process that may be required with that manufacturer once the device is received.

Also, in regards to Apple listings that are advertised as including an AppleCare Protection Plan or AppleCare+, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Apple offers a limited warranty with their devices
  • They also offer an extension to this limited warranty that's referred to as an AppleCare Protection Plan
  • For more advanced coverage, such as for accidental damage, this is offered through AppleCare+
  • AppleCare+ can be purchased as a monthly plan or paid in full
  • More information about this can be found on Apple's site by clicking here

Thus, it's important for sellers to use proper terminology when describing these kinds of warranty details, especially in regards to Apple devices. For example, AppleCare and AppleCare+ cannot be used interchangeably due to the differences outlined above. We always recommend asking sellers about these kinds of details before making a purchase, just to make sure this is all described properly. Sellers should also properly disclose whether or not they've paid for AppleCare+ in full or if they'd paid for it by the month in their listings when applicable.


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Swappa has fantastic support and we're quick to answer questions!

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