Here on Swappa, we help to prevent blocked devices from being listed in our marketplace thanks to our listing review process. However, in the uncommon event that a device gets blocked from use after purchase on Swappa, the first step is to report the problem to the seller.

If a seller is uncooperative with resolving an issue like this, buyers on Swappa are covered by PayPal's payment protections through their dispute resolution process. These protections are valid for up to 180 days, and PayPal can assist with reviewing the situation to help you pursue a proper resolution.

In the rare event that an ESN is blocked outside of PayPal's 180-day protection window, the seller is expected to provide a reimbursement for the market value of the device or a comparable replacement device to the buyer, assuming the buyer is not at fault according to our policies. If a seller is uncooperative, many payment sources (e.g., banks, credit card companies, etc.) offer additional protections that can be taken advantage of. However, these should only ever be considered if PayPal's protections cannot be used.

Unfortunately, due to restrictive policies from carriers, there's no way Swappa can guarantee an issue won't arise. Please note that we do everything we can here at Swappa to prevent blocked devices from being sold by utilizing our own ESN check service along with other private sources.

For purchases made using Swappa Local that don’t have PayPal payment protections, we expect sellers to work to resolve any activation-related issues if they wish for their account on Swappa to remain in good standing. General instructions on how to resolve problems with any Local transactions can be found here.

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